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Edmonton Local Movers

Edmonton Local movers

As Edmonton local movers, we understand that moving locally can still be a lot of work if you have to do it yourself, but it doesn’t have to be. We can assist you with parts of your move, or handle the entire process for you from packing and moving your valuables to unpacking them in our new residence. We are committed to providing you with the personalized service you expect and deserve to make your move as stress-free as possible. We operate a modern fleet of clean, fully equipped, custom designed furniture vans to ensure efficiency.

For local moves call (780) 469-6233 or fill out the Free Moving Estimate Form on this website. We charge an hourly rate and a minimum charge of 3 hours for local moves, but the vast majority of moves take longer than 3 hours. Also the hourly rate we charge varies depending on the time of the year. Before you book with any mover always call the Better Business Bureau at 1 (800) 232-7298 or check out their website.

For your convenience we’ve listed some approximate times for local moves of different sizes.

Home Size Boxes Approx
1 Bedroom (1 Bedroom + Living Room ) 20-25 2500 lbs. 3–4 Hours
2 Bedrooms(2 Bedrooms + Living Room + Dining Room) 25-30 4000 lbs. 5–6 Hours
3 Bedrooms (3 Bedrooms + Living Room + Dining Room) 30-35 5000 lbs. 6–7 Hours
House (Entire House) 60+ 6000-10000 lbs. 8–9 Hours