Tips for a Successful and an Organized Move to or from Edmonton, AB

Moving to or from Edmonton, AB is a serious household task and can be very overwhelming. You can move through this process easier by following the tips below for a successful move.

Edmonton Movers - Moving to or from Edmonton
Get Organized

Don’t leave anything until the last minute. There may be a lot of details and paperwork to keep an eye on, from hiring Edmonton movers, cancelling utilities and finding new doctors.

It’s good to create a moving folder for tracking various moving-related tasks. It will enable you remember various details regarding your Edmonton move.


Before moving, research as much as you can about your new residence area. This will save you from stress. Find out about your neighborhood, medical providers, school districts, public transport facilities and other important things. This will help you in smooth transition once you have moved to your new home.

Keep Your Edmonton Movers Informed

It is vital to keep your Edmonton movers informed to make any move an organized and a successful one.

For this, communication with your Edmonton moving company is integral. Make sure to explain all your needs and expectations before hiring any moving company in Edmonton. Once you have selected an Edmonton mover, inform them with all the details pertaining to your move to get a moving estimate of your moving costs and time well in advance.

Make a Floor Plan of Your New Home

After finding a new home for your family, you can make a well-informed decision about your planned move. This means you can decide which items to take along and which ones to be left behind.

You need to make a floor plan of your new house to find out which items can fit the space available there. This will also save much of the time on the day of the move as you will know exactly where to direct your Edmonton movers for placing your times appropriately.

Grab the Opportunity to Get Rid Of

Moving provides you a great opportunity to get rid of belongings that you no longer need.

You can organize a yard sale, opt for donating, put up furniture for sale and shred documents that don’t need any longer.

Purchase Correct Supplies

Purchase quality boxes in a number of various sizes to save your goods from breaking or damage during the move. Large boxes are good for packing linens, clothes and toys while small boxes are handy for packing delicate or breakable dishes and heavy books.

Also get some packing paper, moving tape, bubble wraps, and markers for labeling the boxes.

Take Stock

Keep a record of your household items especially if you are hiring Edmonton moving company. This will be helpful in case anything goes missing. It’s advisable to keep a moving inventory spreadsheet to sort out your items while keeping a track of your belongings throughout the moving process.

Assign a box number to each box and write that number on each side of the box.

Pack Smartly

To avoid feeling rushed, pack with sufficient time. Pack smart and in a systematic way. Don’t feel tempted to pack things that are not needed anymore or that you want to get rid of.

Label, Label and Label

Proper labeling is crucial for keeping your belongings organized throughout the move. For this, you must designate a different color for each room. Use a good sharpie for labeling the boxes.

Mention the contents of the box, the room where it must be placed in, and if it’s delicate.

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