Some Tips for Packing Boxes

Packing boxes for moving is not a difficult task, however it is important to follow a correct procedure. An appropriately packed moving box will protect your belongings while they are being moved and will help to minimize the potential damage caused during moving.

Below are some tips that will help you with packing moving boxes in the right manner.

Use some tape at the bottom

If you are using a cardboard box then there is a possibility that the bottom of the box will open or break. So if you intend to fill your moving boxes with some heavy items – make sure you tape the bottom of the boxes to add some extra strength there.  Ask your movers for advice if you see necessary.

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Follow an order

While packing a box you should always follow a certain order. Make sure that you pack the heaviest items first and work your way up by adding lightweight items on the top. It is important to follow this order for couple of reasons. If the heavy items are packed at the base, the lightweight items will not break or get damaged by the weight of heavier items. Moreover, this order will make your boxes more stable and will help in loading and unloading them.

Bubble wrap and foam

When you start packing your moving boxes you might notice that there is some empty space left in the boxes. We recommend filling those empty gaps with foam or bubble wrap. If you do not fill those empty spaces before packing the boxes with tape, the items in the boxes will keep shifting during your moving process which may result in damage. Filling in some foam or bubble wrap will fix your items in place and make the box full and more stable.

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