Tips for Moving to Sherwood Park AB: What to Know

Sherwood Park is a city in Alberta, Canada within Strathcona County. It is located next to the City of Edmonton’s eastern boundary, generally south of Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail), west of Highway 21 and north of Highway 630 (Wye Road). Population: 68,782 (2015 Census).

The climate in Sherwood Park is cold and temperate, with a significant rainfall, even in the driest months. The average temperature in Sherwood Park is 2.3 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 458 mm.

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Things to Do & Lifestyle. “The Park,” as it is sometimes known, has become a “community of choice” for people wanting to live in a smaller community. Its residents appreciate the community for its safe neighbourhoods, popular recreation facilities and green space, good schools, and high-quality police and ambulance services.

Here’s more information about living in Sherwood Park:

Economy & Employment.

Sherwood Park has quite a strong growing economy with around $9 billion worth of major projects completed, announced, or under construction.

A district known as Refinery Row lies west of Sherwood Park and includes some of the largest industrial facilities in Western Canada, including Esso’s Strathcona Refinery.

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