Edmonton Movers: What to Do with Packaging after a Move

Edmonton Movers: What to Do with Packaging after a Move

After your relocation in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada is over you have your home to arrange and one more smaller but yet important task to do – find the ways to dispose of your moving supplies.

Edmonton Movers - What to Do with Packaging after a Move
If you have used reusable moving supplies – the task is easier, but if you are thinking about how to dispose of packing styrofoam that is non-degradable and quite unhealthy the situation is different. Packing boxes, paper and so much more is left after the relocation is over. How to handle unwanted packaging like packing peanuts, paper, etc. is a question that you are well ahead of researching over for your own health’s sake and for the environment. Recycling or reusing packing supplies is a great way to add up that eco-effect on your move that everybody is talking about nowadays. And now this article will give you some useful ideas.

Get rid of Packaging After the Move

Again, just like many other aspects of the moving the key to success is initial and preliminary planning and organization. Decide how and what you can do with your packaging so that you can easily take care of that issue after the move is over.

How to Dispose of Packing Boxes

You can smash the boxes and prepare them into stacks for recycling. Throwing away your moving boxes like this though is not the only solution that you have for them.

When wondering how to dispose of packing boxes take a look at the rooms in your home and see if you can use them to store something in them. You can put the boxes in the wardrobe and categorize items in there. You can use them in the garage or for keeping things in the basement/ attic.

You can give them away on craigslist or sell them over the internet as second hand moving supplies. You can dispose of packing boxes or you can just keep them for a next move. You can give them to a friend/ neighbor/ relative who is going to move any time soon and needs packing supplies.

How to Dispose of Packing Peanuts

How to dispose of packing styrofoam? Unlike paper that is degradable, styrofoam is not. And besides, it is dangerous for the health. They’re bad for the health and also difficult to recycle. You can dispose of packing peanuts by leaving them at businesses that reuse consumers’ foam peanuts. Smash the peanuts into a bag that you can afterwards recycle.

There are not too many options on what to do for peanuts made from styrofoam. On the other hand, you have two options on how to dispose of packing peanuts that are biodegradable. If your foam peanuts are degradable, i.e. made from starch, you can cut them into smaller pieces and use them in the soil of your indoor plants. They will dissolve and you will have no worries. If you don’t have potted plants you can place the degradable foam peanuts in a bucket, fill it in with water and leave them there until they dissolve. Then just pour the water in the drain.

What to Do With Packing Paper

What to do with packing paper after the move is simple. You can smash it into bags and recycle it. The same option is possible for newsprint as well. What to do with packing paper is that you you can use it again – you can keep some paper in your garage and if you have a leak in your home for example you can use it.

If you are going to do some renovation work you can use the paper and the boxes for protection over the furniture in the room. You can also put the packing paper or newsprint under the car when you have to go under it to check something. The same option is possible when disposing of packing boxes, too. Any packing material that is degradable can easily be reused. Besides, with paper and packing boxes you won’t have to worry that it will stay in the soil with decades or even worse – centuries.

Dispose of Moving Supplies

You don’t have to throw everything away – you can keep packaging that is more expensive or custom made for larger appliances or other items in your home like crates for paintings and statuettes. You may need this packing again when you move.

You can also keep it and some other things there’s no space in your home for – in a storage. Before just taking off with your car and all the bags with packing materials find out where are the nearest centers which you can visit for that purpose. You can find them online or ask the apartment complex manager.

If you have no time to deal with packing after a relocation you can just leave them in the garage, attic or basement – somewhere where there’s some room for them and where they won’t be in front of your eyes all the time so you can go back to them whenever that is possible for you. However you decide to act, stay calm and remember: putting your new and beautiful home in order is only a matter of time.

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