Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Pack Your TV for Moving Guide

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Pack Your TV for Moving Guide

Your TV is one of the items at home which can be easily damaged, fragile, susceptible to being scratched and broken easily, especially if it is a flat screen TV we are talking about (LCD, LED). Bigger TV’s are heavier and more difficult to lift and their screens are fragile. This means that you should consider well how to pack such a flat screen TV in order to have it safely delivered to your new home.

This guide with 12 steps to follow will help you have your TV set packed and secured well during your move in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

How to Pack Your TV for Moving - Edmonton Movers
How can you pack your TV: step-by-step instructions

  • Start with preparing your TV for packing: turn it off, unplug the cable from the electricity system and clean it from the dust. Fold the cables and secure them with a strap. You can wrap them in a towel and later place them inside the box with the TV itself.
  • Wrap your TV up with towels or other cloth for protection against scratching. After that if you are moving your TV in a box use a lot of bubble wrap around it and then tape it up.
  • When it comes to picking the right box it is always best to use the original in which your TV came. If you didn’t keep it, look for other options to get yourself the right sized box – for example you can ask your Edmonton movers if they have one. And then when they come for the moving they can bring you the box and even pack your TV for you – if you request this service from them.
  • When securing a TV in a box you can also use a cardboard cover or towels in front of the screen itself and styrofoam inside the rest of the box. Then write on the box “Fragile. TV” and continue with loading it inside the truck.
  • If you want your TV to be really well secured and packed you can request from your Edmonton mover a specially made wooden crate. It is efficient and very handy when it comes to long distance moves.
  • If you are moving your TV without a box wrap it with moving blankets, then with bubble wrap and in the truck place the TV on something soft: mattresses, a sofa or an armchair so that during transportation they will add up cushioning. Always tape well on your TV any kind of protection that you use for packing towels, moving pads, etc.
  • If you have a large TV always have it lifted by two people. If you are doing the loading yourself ask a friend to be with you on moving day when your Edmonton movers arrive with the truck so you can get some help with that. If you have asked a moving company to pack and move your TV they will certainly know this rule and comply with it.
  • If your TV is large and you are worried it may get damaged, call your Edmonton moving company and ask what will the price for packing and transporting be.
  • Around your TV arrange soft items like bags with clothes or the plushy toys of the kids.
  • Always place your TV right – if you put it down on its side or on its back it may damage. If you have packed your TV in a box – the box should be standing upright in the truck as well.
  • During packing and shipping keep your TV away from strong sunlight, high temperatures and damp environment (all kinds of moisture like rain for example). This is especially important if you haven’t packed your TV in a box. In this case if it rains on your moving day put around it extra blankets and take them off when the TV is already in the truck: if the blankets get wet they can leave some moist on your TV so remove them and then arrange your TV amongst your other items to be moved.
  • When you arrive at your new home and unpack your TV leave it a few hours to adapt to the inside temperature before turning it on. Also if it has had access to moist this will give it time to dry out so when you turn it on it will be safe to use.
  • For additional protection of your TV during shipping you can always ask your Edmonton mover about insuring it. It will definitely won’t be much money and you will feel better by having one.These are the most important tips you can use for the packing of your TV. They should help you do it well and move your TV safely to your new home.


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