How to Pack Fragile Items when Moving

How to Pack Fragile Items when Moving

When moving, packing fragile items can be a real challenge. Such items have to be packed with extra care since they can get damaged easily while moving to in Edmonton, AB, or if moving long distance across Canada.

Tips for Packing Fragile Items - Canadian Movers
Here are some tips that will guide you in packing your fragile items safely when moving.

Get Some Wrap

If you plan on moving fragile items – make sure you have enough wrapping material ready. Such wrapping material includes tissues, packing paper and newsprint. Wrap your fragile items with tissue paper or packing paper, and then finish by wrapping it in newspaper that will provide added safety to the item. When you are ready to place the item into a moving box, make sure that the top surface of the packed item is soft. You can do this by adding foam to the box which will help to prevent damage from any bumps during moving. Fragile items may need extra attention when moving long distance.

Glass Items

When moving local or long distance, glass items such as mirrors tend to break easily. Such items should not be wrapped with tissue, and rather with a towel or even a blanket. Tissue and paper do protect fragile items when moving, but only till some extent. So make use of a towel or a blanket to wrap mirrors and other glass items before putting them into a moving box.

Take Advice from Your Canadian Moving Company

There are many moving companies in Canada that help their customers in packing fragile items with special packing techniques and materials. It would not hurt to take their advice since your main goal is to pack and move your items with convenience and minimum damage. Most professional Canadian movers use bubble wrap and make sure that maximum protection is provided to fragile items.


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