How to Pack and Manage Food when Moving

How to Pack and Manage Food when Moving

Packing food is one of the most difficult tasks in moving. When people are about to move to their new home they often forget to organize food in a systematic way. This leads to unnecessary overstocking of food in the fridge.

Tips for Moving Food
Most of the food has to be thrown away and goes to waste. Here are some tips that will help you in managing and packing food for moving and avoiding unnecessary wastage.

  1. Go for grocery shopping a week before moving

Go to the grocery store a week before moving because you will be busy packing throughout the week. Make sure to stock the food based on your actually needs and plan your shopping list with some thought and consideration.

If you end up consuming all the food before the week ends, make a small trip to the store and get a limited supply of food so that you do not have to throw it out on your moving day.

  1. Perishable foods should not travel

It is pointless to take perishable items with you to your new place of residence. Moving takes time and there is a good chance that the food will spoil while on the road. It would also take extra space in your moving boxes that you could reserve for other more valuable items.

  1. Seal the food containers tightly

Go to your kitchen and find the food containers that are opened, such as boxes of cereal, spaghetti etc. All those open boxes and bags of food have to be sealed with tape before settling in a box for moving. Small containers of herbs and spices can be packed in small boxes first individually and then in a larger box all together. All the bottle caps should be sealed tightly as well as they can create a lot of mess inside a moving vehicle.

  1. Dealing with cans

Canned food can be quite useful in the first days at your new home but you should pack these cans with some care. Do not throw in all the cans in just one box as they are heavy and might tear the base of the box. Pack limited number of cans in each box to avoid any mishaps.

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