How to Pack Books and Photographs for Moving anywhere in Canada

How to Pack Books and Photographs for Moving anywhere in Canada

If you intend to take your books and photographs safely to your new residence location anywhere in Canada, then you will have to make sure that these items are properly packed. Not giving enough thought and effort to packing of your books and photographs will result in damaged memories.

Tips for Moving Books and Photographs in Canada - Canadian Moving Companies
Here are some tips that will help you in packing your books and photographs.

Tips to pack books

We recommend packing books in small moving cartons. Since books carry a lot of weight, packing them in large moving boxes or cartons will result in breakage of the base. The correct way of putting books in the moving boxes is by placing them flat. Packing them vertically might shift the arrangement of the books when the box is being loaded or carried.

If there are some books that are more valuable to you – we suggest packing them separately. Also, consider wrapping them in cloth or packing paper first and then placing them in a separate box for extra safety.

How to pack photographs

You should maintain a separate moving box for all your photographs and photo frames. Packing these items in the same box with other household items will only create confusion and might result in loosing some of the photographs.

The correct way of placing frames in the moving box is by placing them on the edges in a standing position. If there are some photographs that are very special to you then it is recommended that you carry them with you during the move in a small handbag or a suitcase.

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