Edmonton Moving Tips: Five Items that Are Harder to Move Than You Think

Edmonton Moving Tips: Five Items that Are Harder to Move Than You Think

When planning a move to a new home in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, you must consider several things to make your relocation go safely and smoothly.

Moving Large Items Edmonton - Edmonton Piano Moving
The items that may require special care and attention include heavy or large items. For moving such items safely you will need the help of a professional Edmonton moving company. Such items are mentioned below.

Moving Pianos

Pianos, whether small, large or baby grands, are big moving challenge. Moving a piano requires some expertise and skill. That’s because they have fragile, small and dainty pieces. Hiring the services of a professional Edmonton moving company is the safest and the simplest way to get your piano moved. Also, you need to ensure that the right equipment is used by your Edmonton movers including wraps, dollies and other equipment for moving your piano safely.

Moving Artwork

Moving artwork can prove to be tricky as well. Artwork must be moved with utmost attention and care. This is especially true for the pieces that are expensive, large or have sentimental value to you. When you are packing your artwork, make sure to use sufficient cushioning and packing material.

Pack artwork while keeping in mind where the value of artwork lies. Frame your artwork in bubble wrapping and keep it in crates for damage-free handling. Never use a newspaper for wrapping paintings because the ink gets transferred on the image. Label the box as delicate so that the movers handle it carefully.

Moving Plants

When moving plants, you should keep in mind that they are living creatures. So, you must take extra care to arrange them in advance. Take your house plants out of ceramic pots and move them in to a plastic pot a few weeks before your planned move. This will give your plants sufficient time to settle in the new planter. Don’t transport your house plants on the moving truck otherwise there can be plant fatalities.

Moving Aquariums

Aquariums are a big moving challenge, irrespective of their size. Don’t take the risk of leaving the fish in there. There are a couple of things that can be done to help your fish get safely to your new house. The best thing is to take them out and keep them in some temporary container with the remaining water. Remove majority of the water from your aquarium and leave some at the bottom to make sure the existing bacteria still remain. Try to keep the fish stable so that they can survive the move. For this, you must take the services of Edmonton moving company.

Moving Flat Screens

While moving your flat screens, use the box in which it came if you still have it. Otherwise, you can wrap it in some blanket. It’s simple. You can spread out a blanket and carefully place your TV on it. However, don’t forget to unplug your TV and detaching all the wire connections before wrapping it in a blanket and taping it.


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