Tips for Packing Home Appliances

Tips for Packing Home Appliances

Moving to a new home does not mean that you won’t need your old home appliances any more, so before moving you should decide what appliances you will need.Tips for Packing Home AppliancesPreparation for the packing of your appliances is also an important part of moving process. Home appliances can be divided into two main categories: Major and Small appliances. Packing of both types of appliances will be a bit different because of their size.

Packing Major Home Appliances

As mentioned before, preparation of packing is quite important when moving major home appliances. You can prepare for packing with the help of some expert opinion. Get an appointment with an expert or a technician who can advise you on packing and moving of the major home appliances.

Such major appliances include washing machines and standby generators which might fail to fit in a moving van. Due to the large size of the appliances you might have to take the option of shipping them separately and an expert technician will guide and help you in preparing the appliances for shipment.

If you are using services of a moving company for your moving – you can ask them to appoint someone to oversee the shipment of your major home appliances.

Packing Small Home Appliances

The small appliances include radios, microwaves, digital clocks and other small size home electronics. Since these appliances are small, they can easily fit in a moving box or a carton.

The best way of packing such appliances is by wrapping them in packing paper or cloth individually and then putting them together in one box. You can also use bubble wrap for packing and wrapping. Appliances of similar functionality should be in the same box for sorting purposes. If there are any cords coming with the appliances – wrap them as well or cover them in plastic film so they do not scratch anything.

Once the small appliances are packed in a moving box, fill the empty spaces in the box with foam or packing paper for added protection.

Some Additional Cautions for Packing Appliances

You should always take care of the safety of the home appliances when packing them. There are some common things that should always be done during packing them. For instance, if an iron is being packed then ideally the water inside it should be drained. You should also remove batteries from all the appliances and put them in a separate plastic bag.

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