How to Pack Furniture for Moving

How to Pack Furniture for Moving

It is really important to pack furniture appropriately so that it reaches your new location safely, whether a moving company is assisting you with your relocation or not.

Smaller items such as books, clothes and dishware are easier to pack and move in small boxes as compared to large furniture pieces like couches, beds and dressing tables. Being prepared for packing and remaining organized is the best advice that will help you in packing and moving your furniture safely without taking on a lot of stress.

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The steps below should be followed to better pack furniture before moving.

  1. Make a List

The first important step in packing your furniture is making a list of all furniture pieces that will be moved. This will keep you organized and will also help to keep track of your furniture when it reaches your new home. This list will also help you indicate how much packing material you will need to use.

  1. Clean and clear

Before packing your furniture make sure that you clean it up. If it is a book shelf, remove the books and pack those books in smaller moving boxes.

  1. Disassemble

Large furniture pieces cannot be moved in their original form. Beds and large dining tables will have to be disassembled into smaller parts so that they can fit in a moving vehicle. This will also help in making the loading and unloading process easier. Once you have reached your new place of residence, you can assemble furniture pieces again in rooms where you want those pieces to be.

  1. Wrap Furniture Pieces and Use Moving Boxes

Once your furniture pieces are disassembled, wrap them with packing material or bubble to prevent scratches or other damage during moving. Once your furniture is all wrapped, use a tape to secure the wrapping.

Disassembled furniture often gets smaller so smaller parts can be packed in moving boxes. Find the boxes of appropriate sizes and place the furniture parts into them. Label the boxes as well before loading them onto the moving vehicle so that you can easily find all your furniture parts after moving.

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