Edmonton Moving Tips: Affordable Moving and Affordable Movers

Edmonton Moving Tips: Affordable Moving and Affordable Movers

Moving in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada can be rather costly – and most people usually have this as their main concern as to what they are going to need in order to move. There are lots of things to take care of when moving but affordable Edmonton moving options and the ways to avoid moving scam are the basic two requirements you have in front of you.

A moving company in Edmonton can be not just reliable but can also give you a reasonable price for your move. There are a few affordable moving tips to which if you adhere – you can make your relocation experience less expensive and still keep the quality of it.

Affordable Moving and Affordable Movers - Edmonton Movers
Finding an Affordable Edmonton Moving Company

Start by finding a reliable Edmonton moving company online in order to find the best affordable Edmonton moving companies. When you begin your search, your first task is to collect multiple quotes – as many as possible. This is a good affordable Edmonton moving option as later on you will sift through those to find the one that responds to your own criteria and needs for moving, and price of course. Don’t be mislead by the name of the Edmonton moving company – the fact that a mover has the word “affordable” in their name or website description doesn’t mean you automatically have to accept that this is so.

When Edmonton movers give you a moving quote, compare the prices to find the affordable moving options. Yet, remember that the lowest estimate may not be the best option. Every moving estimate must contain a list with items to be transferred and the costs for that – the reliable and affordable Edmonton moving companies need to know this and so do you, it is your right.

If you have requested additional services like packing or crating they have to be included as well. Beware of the hidden moving costs and fees like the charge for an extra stop. These details will give you an idea as to which Edmonton moving company provides affordable moving services.

Affordable Edmonton Moving Solutions for You

Before packing, try to get rid of unnecessary things. This is one of the affordable moving tips that can actually save you a lot of money. You could decide to hold a moving sale or just give away to charity – whatever you decide to do, it will save you money from packing and moving: the less weight and volume you move, the less you pay for. The more you de-clutter, the more you can rely on hiring affordable Edmonton moving services. Take to your new home only things that you are really going to use, especially in case that you are downsizing because you are moving to a smaller home.

Selecting what to take and getting rid of the rest may seem like a lot of work but the more you do now the less you will have to do on moving day (and the smaller the cost, of course). This is valid especially if you are looking for affordable long distance moving companies since relocating to another province is even more expensive than local moves.

Your moving will be more affordable if you pack accordingly. Instead of buying cardboard boxes consider saving money by using plastic ones. This is a great choice because the plastic boxes are safe for the environment, do not generate garbage and then when your moving is over you are free of the duty to get rid of them somehow. This is a great affordable moving option when you want to save time as well – the movers deliver them to you for packing and you don’t have to go around and shop yourself for boxes.

Remember that whatever price you were quoted for you can get a discount in order to have affordable Edmonton moving services. Most affordable Edmonton moving companies offer coupons, discounts for students or other types of groups, so just ask and see what options you will find. Affordable moving solutions doesn’t always mean you have to pay what you have been asked to. Sometimes it is a matter of negotiating with the mover in order to make it like this. Most affordable moving companies in Edmonton will do that.

The best affordable Edmonton moving companies will give you all the information that you need for you move, answer every question – not just negotiate.

Affordable Moving Solutions – More Tips

A last tip: You may be able to save money if you drive with your car rather then have it shipped and take a plane. This comes as a cheaper option especially if you have a larger family. Also, as much as you may be able to organize and find affordable moving solutions for you and your family don’t forget to still have enough cash with you in case of an emergency.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

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Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Pack Your TV for Moving Guide

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Pack Your TV for Moving Guide

Your TV is one of the items at home which can be easily damaged, fragile, susceptible to being scratched and broken easily, especially if it is a flat screen TV we are talking about (LCD, LED). Bigger TV’s are heavier and more difficult to lift and their screens are fragile. This means that you should consider well how to pack such a flat screen TV in order to have it safely delivered to your new home.

This guide with 12 steps to follow will help you have your TV set packed and secured well during your move in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

How to Pack Your TV for Moving - Edmonton Movers
How can you pack your TV: step-by-step instructions

  • Start with preparing your TV for packing: turn it off, unplug the cable from the electricity system and clean it from the dust. Fold the cables and secure them with a strap. You can wrap them in a towel and later place them inside the box with the TV itself.
  • Wrap your TV up with towels or other cloth for protection against scratching. After that if you are moving your TV in a box use a lot of bubble wrap around it and then tape it up.
  • When it comes to picking the right box it is always best to use the original in which your TV came. If you didn’t keep it, look for other options to get yourself the right sized box – for example you can ask your Edmonton movers if they have one. And then when they come for the moving they can bring you the box and even pack your TV for you – if you request this service from them.
  • When securing a TV in a box you can also use a cardboard cover or towels in front of the screen itself and styrofoam inside the rest of the box. Then write on the box “Fragile. TV” and continue with loading it inside the truck.
  • If you want your TV to be really well secured and packed you can request from your Edmonton mover a specially made wooden crate. It is efficient and very handy when it comes to long distance moves.
  • If you are moving your TV without a box wrap it with moving blankets, then with bubble wrap and in the truck place the TV on something soft: mattresses, a sofa or an armchair so that during transportation they will add up cushioning. Always tape well on your TV any kind of protection that you use for packing towels, moving pads, etc.
  • If you have a large TV always have it lifted by two people. If you are doing the loading yourself ask a friend to be with you on moving day when your Edmonton movers arrive with the truck so you can get some help with that. If you have asked a moving company to pack and move your TV they will certainly know this rule and comply with it.
  • If your TV is large and you are worried it may get damaged, call your Edmonton moving company and ask what will the price for packing and transporting be.
  • Around your TV arrange soft items like bags with clothes or the plushy toys of the kids.
  • Always place your TV right – if you put it down on its side or on its back it may damage. If you have packed your TV in a box – the box should be standing upright in the truck as well.
  • During packing and shipping keep your TV away from strong sunlight, high temperatures and damp environment (all kinds of moisture like rain for example). This is especially important if you haven’t packed your TV in a box. In this case if it rains on your moving day put around it extra blankets and take them off when the TV is already in the truck: if the blankets get wet they can leave some moist on your TV so remove them and then arrange your TV amongst your other items to be moved.
  • When you arrive at your new home and unpack your TV leave it a few hours to adapt to the inside temperature before turning it on. Also if it has had access to moist this will give it time to dry out so when you turn it on it will be safe to use.
  • For additional protection of your TV during shipping you can always ask your Edmonton mover about insuring it. It will definitely won’t be much money and you will feel better by having one.These are the most important tips you can use for the packing of your TV. They should help you do it well and move your TV safely to your new home.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

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Edmonton Moving Tips: Guide for Moving During the Holidays

Edmonton Moving Tips: Guide for Moving During the Holidays

Relocating in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada is an important event that is often stressful, especially if you are moving during holidays. During holidays such as Christmas, Easter, The Independence Day, most people have a few days off. Moving during the holiday season is quite a challenge.

We’ve prepared a complete guide for you on how to move during holidays to help you have a smoother relocation experience. You may not have much choice and time as well, but if you are organized things will run smoothly.

Moving During Winter Holidays - Edmonton Movers

Find a Holiday Moving Company in Edmonton, AB

While searching for an Edmonton mover, tell them about your plans to move during the holidays. There are a lot of movers in Edmonton, but few are performing relocation trips during holidays.

The first thing you should take into consideration is that your move is more likely to cost much more than a regular move. Since most of the personnel would take a few days off during the holiday, it is likely that the holiday moving companies in Edmonton run on a short staff.

When booking your Edmonton moving company, ask them for a written moving price quote. Actually, you should ask your Edmonton movers to visit you at home for an in-house moving estimate. This way you can discuss every detail in person and you will get a lot more accurate moving cost estimate. Your Edmonton movers will also be better prepared for the moving day. Make sure you understand all moving fees and expenses included in your final moving costs.

Beware that some furniture items can be carried out only through the windows (often referred as hoisting by the professional Edmonton moving companies). Let your Edmonton movers know about all specifics around your move in advance to avoid surprises. Set your moving budget right. Be prepared to spend extra money if you are about to move during holidays. Keep in mind that you can hire a full service Edmonton moving company and book a luxury moving service option, so you can spend the vacation with your family, while your Edmonton movers do the complete relocation.

Find a Professional Holiday Moving Company in Edmonton

Hire a professional holiday mover in Edmonton and enjoy your smooth trip. Make sure you research your Edmonton moving company online to avoid unpleasant surprises during and after your relocation.

Hiring a licensed and insured professional Edmonton mover for your holiday relocation is a must. You might be on a short deadline, but don’t risk booking inexperienced, or even rogue Edmonton movers.

Here are some tips that will help you to choose a reputable holiday moving company in Edmonton and avoid moving scams:

  • It’s a good idea to run a check on your Edmonton moving company at Better Business Bureau website. Hiring a BBB moving company in Edmonton with accreditation is a plus.
  • Ask family, friends, colleagues, neighbors if they can recommend you a holiday mover or a professional Edmonton moving company they’ve used in the past.
  • You may read some Edmonton mover reviews online. There are many moving related forums and blogs that you can check for reviews, testimonials and complaints.

Packing Tips for Holiday Relocation

During holidays we usually spend our free time outside – strolling in the park, coffee with friends, going to the movies, shopping in the mall or a family dinner at the local restaurant. But since you are moving you have to do the boring packing job. Cheer up! Invite some friends to help you. It’s a holiday after all, have some fun. Spend some time with your loved ones, take breaks to chill out. Doing the packing by yourself and not by the moving company will save you a lot on the final moving costs. This way you can spend more for presents and the holiday a day to remember.

Remember to label all the boxes. You will save a lot of time and troubles when unpacking. Write descriptive labels on the boxes, the more descriptive, the better. If you have any doubts about packing particular household items, consult your Edmonton mover. An experienced Edmonton moving company will always find the best possible way to pack delicate items. Moving a piano, antiques or expensive electronics is a tough job, do not underestimate it. Leave the heavy furniture packing for the professional on the moving day. When unpacking, start with the most used items first.

Holiday Relocation with Kids

Holiday relocation with your children is quite a tricky situation. It can be a good idea to move with your kids during holidays, as they won’t miss classes. Yet, keep in mind that youngsters adore holidays. It’s time for games and a lot of fun. So, if you are considering a holiday relocation, prepare your children for the big move long in advance.

Kids need time to adjust and especially for teenagers moving is a really stressful experience. However, you can make your holiday move much more pleasant. Encourage your kids to get involved in the holiday relocation. Let them help with the packing. Discuss the new opportunities that are waiting for all of you at the new place. After all, it’s a fresh start.

Moving during Christmas

Christmas is time of the year when the whole family gathers to spend the holiday together. It might be very depressing for you and your family to move during Christmas. Everybody is planing the perfect Christmas and we usually don’t see it as a packing-loading-moving event.

Anyway, you shouldn’t feel bad about your Christmas move. It may turn out that moving is the best Christmas present you have ever received. Remember that this holiday is all about spending time with your family. Engage everybody to help with the holiday relocation. Listen some cheering music, or go out for a walk all together. You can arrange a visit to the new city you are about to relocate to a week in advance. Visit the best notable places around your new home and explore the city.

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

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Edmonton Moving Tips – Avoid Fake Reviews on Moving Companies

Edmonton Moving Tips – Avoid Fake Reviews on Moving Companies

One of the first steps in finding a safe Edmonton moving company is reading reviews about Edmonton movers. Unfortunately, nowadays it seems that there is quite a lot of fake moving company reviews.

Some rogue movers in Edmonton go too far in order to boost their overall rating. Since it’s a highly competitive business, lots of Edmonton relocation companies tend to even pay third party PR and marketing specialists to write fake positive reviews about their moving services.

How to Avoid Moving Scams - Edmonton Moving Tips

Moving smoothly with a reliable Edmonton moving company is a priority for everyone when relocating both locally in Edmonton or cross-country in Canada.

Filtering Fake Reviews on Edmonton Moving Companies

There are many review websites out there and even if filters are in place, some fake reviews may sneak through. For a customer, there are many ways to determine whether the moving reviews you are reading on a given Edmonton moving company are legitimate or fake.

Below are some tips on how to avoid fake reviews on Edmonton moving companies.

  • It’s all about attitude. Skip the too positive sounding reviews about Edmonton movers, as there is not such thing as ‘the perfect Edmonton moving company’. There are of course many reliable and experienced movers in Edmonton, but to avoid fake reviews – you should stay alert.
  • Keep in mind that the cheap moving companies are usually not the ones with the best service standards.
  • On the other side too negative and even offensive reviews are also most likely to be fake. There are some rogue Edmonton movers who are trying to corrupt other Edmonton moving companies’ reputation. There are also fraud Edmonton moving companies who would go too far for a 5-star rating.
  • Generalized reviews. While reading reviews about Edmonton moving companies, be cautious about generalized reviews. Often such reviews turn out to be fake Edmonton moving company reviews. They are just another PR instrument to increase company sales.
  • Irrelevant reviews. This kind of fake moving reviews are mostly off the topic. At first sight they seem to be relevant, but at the end their only aim is to promote other Edmonton moving company services. They usually post links to other Edmonton movers.
  • Research your Edmonton movers in advance. Read as many reviews as possible before booking. Following some simple rules can tell if a review is fake.
  • Pay attention to the language style. You read a moving company’s review and it sounds perfect – beyond your expectations. Think once again. If the text of the review fits perfectly to your expectations and requirements, then it is rather to be a fake moving company review. Too much repetition is suspicious. This moving company review will sound more likely as an advertisement.
  • Reviewing styles and common words used can help you identify the fake reviews about moving companies from the real testimonials. If you find several similar reviews or you see the same phrases and sentences used in multiple Edmonton moving company reviews, there is a great chance they are written by the same person.
  • Note the date the reviews were posted. If you see a negative review and a lot of positive reviews in a matter of days after – there is another red flag. Having a lot of reviews on a given date (or a range of 2-3 days) and then not having a single review for weeks or months is really suspicious.

After Finding Fake Reviews about Movers

  • Check the names of reviewers on similar Edmonton moving companies’ services. How often do you move? Some review sites and moving companies’ forums require registration. Find out if this person is not moving too often.
  • Fake testimonials. Keep in mind that there are Edmonton moving companies that pay lots of money for fake testimonials. Do not trust everything you see and read. Be more careful. Fake testimonials have rather marketing approach, they sounds as an advertisement. There could be lots of positive words about the moving company, but there is s difference between a happy customer and marketing talk.

If you want to avoid fake reviews and testimonials, try to read between the lines. A real moving company review must sound natural. Nothing more, nothing less. Read as many as you can. Go to multiple websites and online resources to read testimonials, complaints and consumer reports. Go to the Better Business Bureau website and read the profile of the BBB movers.

There is not an easy way to know how to tell if a review is fake. Make sure you do your homework in advance to avoid moving scams.

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Move Large Furniture

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Move Large Furniture

Moving is not an easy task, whether you are hiring professional Edmonton movers or moving by yourself.

Tips for Moving Large Furniture - Edmonton Movers
One of the most difficult parts of moving is moving large furniture pieces. The heaviest pieces are hard to move because they require some heavy lifting. Large and heavy furniture items are hard to slide or pull around your house and hard to get out of the entrance door. Thus, if you are about to relocate you should use proper techniques to make it easy and harmless for yourself and your house. The best option would be to hire a moving company in Edmonton that will take care of the moving large pieces of furniture.

How to Prepare Large Furniture Pieces for Moving

If you have never done moving large pieces of furniture, here are a few techniques you can use:

Prepare the furniture that you have to disassemble and start working on it as soon as your relocation process starts. Remove any loose parts of the furniture to make it easy and safe when moving, and if you have to, move it piece by piece.

If you are moving dressers or some other large pieces of furniture, take all the contents out from the furniture and place them into moving boxes.

Clear your way from the room to the entrance door. Make sure you have enough room to move and shift the big pieces of furniture, as this will ensure space for lifting and turning the furniture. Consider chandeliers and other light fixtures, as well as your floors. You do not want to break or damage anything.

If you have not moved that furniture before, measure the dimensions and consider the path you have cleared. Measure the width of the doors, the hallways you will be passing through and the height of the ceilings.

Make sure you protect your floors, especially if they are hardwood or any other easily damageable surface. Use furniture moving pads or some blankets to cover your floors.

To move the large furniture pieces, use furniture sliders and steel lifters, which will help you get the job done. If you don’t know how to move and lift big furniture items, or it is too heavy – use the lifter and then put the slider under each corner. If it is a couch, for example, put the sliders under each leg carefully by tilting slightly enough to push the slider under the corner.

When you start moving the furniture, use your legs not your back. Squat and lift with your back straight, do not bend your back, hold it low and keep the furniture close to your body. Lift each piece of furniture from the strongest point.

Moving straps can also make the moving of large furniture easier. Professional Edmonton movers use straps for the heavy pieces of furniture. The moving pads and sliders will protect your furniture and floors, and will make it easier on your body. Avoid twisting and take your time when start moving.
You might consider using a belt when lifting heavy furniture. This will protect your back and help you lift more.

Consider Hiring a Professional Edmonton Moving Company

Remember that large and heavy furniture is difficult to move and it requires planning and measuring. Moving large pieces of furniture is not impossible though and there are great tools that will facilitate the moving if you are doing it by yourself.

Consider safety first. You can move much more safely with a professional Edmonton moving company. You can get a free Edmonton moving quote directly from your Edmonton movers and calculate your moving expenses fast and easy.

Professional Edmonton movers know how to disassemble and move any large furniture item and safely transport it to your new home.

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips – The Best Time to Move

Edmonton Moving Tips – The Best Time to Move

When planning your move to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, you need to decide what is the most appropriate time to for you to relocate, taking into consideration some key aspects.

In this post we will offer you some tips that you could follow depending on your moving needs and requirements.

Best Time to Move - Movers Edmonton

Best Time to Move Based on Costs

As it comes to moving costs, the best time to move is in the off-peak season (fall and winter). Market is down and most moving and relocation companies in Edmonton offer lower rates and additional moving discounts and coupons.

Worst Time to Move

Also, the worst time for moving seems to be the weekends especially in the beginning or the end of the month – most Edmonton moving companies’ fees may be a bit higher then.

You should find a moving company in Edmonton that is not only affordable, but licensed and insured. First, run some background checks on a list of chosen local Edmonton movers. Do not forget to read moving reviews and ratings on your chosen Edmonton moving company before booking with it.

Moving with Kids

Moving with your family is a tough job. And if your children are going to school it gets even more complicated. If this is your case – summer is the best time, because your children are free from school.

Research local schools, and more specifically find what other activities are involved in the various school programs, besides regular classes.

Ideal Time to Relocate in Terms of Weather

Weather conditions are crucial when it comes to a long distance moving to or from Edmonton. You should plan very carefully your long-distance move. Bad weather could cause damages, especially to a valuable antiques or electronics. Also, in the winter plan for more transportation time. If you are about to store your valuables in storage, make sure you rent a climate-controlled storage cell unit.

Contact Edmonton Moving Companies

Contact some Edmonton moving companies to research their costs and discounts. If you have flexible moving dates, in most cases you will receive lower moving estimates. Fixed pickup and delivery dates usually cost more.

Also, do not forget the Holidays!

During holidays you definitely have more free time, since you are not at work, but traffic gets busier. Also, most Edmonton moving companies offer higher rates or no service at all. You have to check if there are any upcoming official statutory holidays when planning your move.

The best time to move depends on a few factors and you should consider all of them. If you arrange every step of your move with your Edmonton moving company, you’ll have a smooth trip. Usually hiring a professional Edmonton moving company with good reputation will increase the chance of a stress-free move, no matter of the time and weather.

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving with Plants and Trees Guide

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving with Plants and Trees Guide

You have probably spent some time taking care for your garden plants, trees, shrubs and indoor potted plants. And as you are about to move to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, leaving them behind is hearth-rending.

However, some of the most difficult to move items are the indoor plants, especially garden plants and trees.

We prepared a guide for moving with plants and trees that will help you.

Tips for Moving with Plants Edmonton - Edmonton Movers
Before you decide to move with your plants, the’re 3 questions to be answered:

If you are using a self moving service: will you be able to carry and pack properly your plants?

If you are using the services of Edmonton moving company: will your Edmonton movers allow moving with plants?

Will your plants be insured by the company of damages? Be aware that most moving companies have no insurance policy for plants. As you are looking for a reliable Edmonton moving company – bring up the issue when contacting them. You can also read online of how other people moved with plants and which moving company they chose.

Keep in mind that most Edmonton moving companies will reject moving plants.

If you are moving with plants out of province or internationally: will the local laws allow the exact plant to be imported? There may be restrictions regarding pests and insects control in the province or country you are moving to. If you are not aware of their specifics, contact your gardener and do some research.

Preparation Tips for Moving with Garden Plants and Trees:

Moving with garden plants, shrubs and trees

  • Few weeks before your moving day, prune the shrubs and trees. This will reinforce the plant’s health and ease your move by not letting brunches to stick out. Do the pruning according to gardening recommendations.
  • Best time of year to move garden plants is late fall, because it’s the time when plants usually stop growing, and are more ready to adapt to new conditions.
  • Make an inclusion around the drip line (the maximum extension of the canopy of the shrub) to preserve the root ball. Use a spade shovel and free carefully the roots before you extract the shrub of the tree entirely.
  • Contain the pulled plant in a dustbin liner or a plastic pot, tided at the top, use rod to fasten the plant’s stem stamina.
  • When replanting, dig a hole in the new area twice as big as the root ball of the plant. Before that, make sure that the ground is weeded and tilled to a depth of approximately 18 inches. You may also mulch the loosen soil with compost or peat. Place the plant in way that the top of the root ball of the plant matches the original ground level.
  • If you are moving in late fall, don’t water the replanted shrub too much. In other case use ways like trickle irrigation because the plant in the new conditions will need deep watering to ease plant’s adaptation.

Moving with Indoor Plants

  • Re-pot your house plants to plastic containers. It must be done a few weeks before moving day, so that your plants have time to adjust. If not, be positive that the ceramic or stone ones are not broken.
  • After re-potting, find a suitable box. Wind the pot into bubble wrap, tided it in plastic bag and stuff with rumpled paper or Styrofoam peanuts to be sure.
  • Another option is dustbin liner or plastic sacks. If you don’t want to re-pot your indoor plants, they can be placed there and replanted after transportation. Make holes for the plants to breathe through the plastic.
  • Be sure your dear plants are well packed.
  • Strengthen the stem with additional rod if it is necessary. Fasten it well to prevent the plant to sway.
  • If you don’t think your plans will survive the journey, ask your friends or the new owners of your house, to see if maybe they would like to have your plants.
  • If your luggage is traveling separately and you are traveling in your own vehicle you can take you plants with you. If you are staying in motels during your relocation, make sure the outside temperature doesn’t affect your plants. If that’s so, take the plants with you indoors.

When you arrive to your new home, don’t forget about your plants. You might be caught in a thousand of things, but plates and furniture can wait and your plants won’t. Even if not replanting garden plants immediately, at least check their state or water them after arriving. Potted plants don’t need special care instantly, but you’ll have to pull them out of their boxes. As you are aware, they really appreciate light and air.

Share your experience of moving with houseplants, shrubs and trees. Write a review of the company you have chosen, how the moving company took care of your plants. Help other to find the right solution.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

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Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton

Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton

Provincial Moving & Storage Edmonton has been providing local and long distance moving from Vancouver to Edmonton as well as local and long distance moving from Vancouver to Calgary. We are an A+ BBB accredited mover with over 20 years of moving experience, servicing many customers to and from Vancouver. As professional Vancouver movers we can help you with your move and help to make it as easy as possible.


Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton - Movers Edmonton


Provincial Moving & Storage Edmonton offers a number of additional services to help make your move as smooth and and stress-free as possible. We offer packing materials, packing and unpacking services, storage facilities, insurance coverage and even a 10% senior’s discount. We believe in going above and beyond the typical offerings from moving companies in order to give you the highest quality Vancouver moving experience.

Vancouver is one of the more interesting cities in Canada because of where it is located. Vancouver belongs to both the province of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Vancouver lies on the border that separates the provinces, but instead of of being two different cities, it is one city shared by two provinces. Vancouver is governed by both provinces and has a Member of Parliament representing the area from both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Provincial Moving & Storage Edmonton is your premier choice for moving from Vancouver to Edmonton or moving from Vancouver to Calgary. We are open 7 days a week and can schedule your move at the time that is most convenient for you. Contact us with as much notice as possible so we can reserve your movers. Let us make your move as stress free as possible, contact us for you estimate!