Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving & Storage Guide

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving & Storage Guide

When you are moving in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada often times you may have to use storage facilities as well. You may be moving to a smaller home or you may be relocating a studio apartment – either way a storage facility is helpful in lots of cases. Sometimes you may want to keep items that are important for you and when you can’t find room in your home for them the storage comes as a solution. Edmonton moving and storage services are very convenient.

Edmonton Movers - Moving & Storage Guide

Though, you need to know how to find the best price Edmonton moving and storage companies when relocating. This simple moving and storage guide will help you.

Best Price Edmonton Moving & Storage Companies

The moving and storage prices will differ in every relocation case. That is why for the purpose of an affordable relocation you need to get free long distance moving quotes or a local and long distance cost estimate. That should give you an approximate price for your moving.

After you get several quotes from several Edmonton moving and storage companies you need to request an in-home estimate. At this point you can show your home to the rep and not just tell him what you want to be moved but also point out what is for storage. This is the point at which if you haven’t done it yet you should begin to prepare your packing. It is good to start packing as soon as you know you are moving – whether you are packing items in storage or your belongings currently in your home.

Here are some moving and storage tips for your packing:

  • Depending on how many items you want to store and what size prepare enough packing materials. For that purpose you can rely on Edmonton moving companies.
  • Plan what size storage department you will need. If you can fit your belongings into a smaller one you can do so to save money.
  • Inside the storage see how you will arrange your things. Heavier boxes should go at the bottom and lighter ones – on top.
  • When placing boxes and your luggage in the storage leave some space between them and the walls so that the air can circulate freely inside. That will prevent mold.
  • If you have precious items like expensive collectibles you can ask for a storage that has temperature and moist control for sufficient protection.
  • Review your items – some of them may need to have some extra protection before being placed in a storage unit. For example it would be good to spray wooden furniture with some quality polish, fragile items should be covered in bubble wrap and packing paper, use leather conditioner for leather items and so on.

Moving and Storage Guide

In case you already have things in a storage you should request from your Edmonton moving company this service in the area of your new home. Then you can arrange to pack and move your stored luggage. Remember that you have the right to know about the types of moving quotes. That way you can discuss them with your Edmonton moving and storage company and choose the one that fits your requirements.

The best price Edmonton moving and storage companies offer reasonable prices for moving with them. Once you have estimates from several different companies it is time to compare them. Break down each estimate into services and for biggest accuracy compare the costs of services the different movers provide. Take your time to ruminate about the best option for you. Moving and storage cost estimates are a great start in your moving and planning. They can give you a direction in which to go in the search of the best moving and storage prices.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving into High Rise Apartment Guide

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving into High Rise Apartment Guide

Every relocation process is known with its complicity. There are some moves more difficult to organize and lots of specific cases like relocating with kids or moving with a pet. One more similar case – that is a very particular type of move – is moving into a high rise apartment building in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada. It is a bit more different than the other moves for a few specific factors that you should consider for your relocation. So here is our guide on how to move into high rise apartment. It will direct you with a few tips that will save you time, money and effort.

Edmonton Movers - Moving into High Rise Apartment Guide
How to Move into High Rise Apartment

Move less things. If you have lived in a house or a large apartment certainly now you will have to downsize. This is good in three ways. Firstly, when you have less stuff for relocation you will pay less for the moving itself. So walk around every room and premise in your current home and see what you can let go of. If you don’t want to do this think about using storage. You can keep your things there until your next move.

Secondly, if you have just a few boxes to carry up to your high rise you will do your move quicker because the workers will be done in shorter time.

And thirdly, with less luggage to relocate you can avoid the extra costs some moves apply. These are charges that may be for going up the stairs if the elevator is not available. Check with your landlord if you can reserve the elevator for the time when you are going to be moving in to your high rise condo. In this way you may be able to avoid this extra cost. If there is more than 1 elevator in your building you can ask to have one of the elevators reserved for a couple of hours.

Another possibility is for the landlord to be able to let you use the maintenance elevator – that is used by him and workers when there is some maintenance to be done in the building. You can also hire a luggage cart to save time and money. Load it up with boxes and you will have to go up an down when moving into your high rise apartment fewer times.

Get people to assist you. That will make your move into a high rise apartment even quicker and a bit more safer as you can watch over each other and help each other.

Taking things to more floors is more time consuming and more expensive. How to move furniture into a high rise is a tricky question. Besides reserving dollies and struggling with staircases you have one other much simpler option – call on the professional Edmonton movers. Get free quotes for moving from several different Edmonton moving companies (at least). That way you can compare prices and services offered by the movers. When you get your quote remember to ask what is included in it, what isn’t and what are the costs of the extra services that the Edmonton moving company offers. Most Edmonton movers are used to carrying heavy and large items up and down the stairs and elevators so they will do it quickly and professionally. For that purpose you need a trustworthy Edmonton moving company.

In order to find a reputable Edmonton mover you should check the company reviews and the BBB website. There are things Edmonton moving companies won’t tell you so you need to get the information yourself. Check on consumer reports Edmonton movers have about them and read reviews. Reading reviews can save you time, money and effort.

Also make sure that the furniture will fit through the door and into the rooms of your new home. Otherwise you might have paid for it to be transferred in vain. It is good to measure the size of furniture and have the size of your next home with the rooms in it. You will need for your penthouse apartment move or your moving into high rise to make a plan. Distribute the furniture you want to take to the different rooms, see what will fit and what will not and make sure to get rid of the things not to be taken enough time in advance before the moving day.

When relocating to a high rise condo there are a few more points to consider. Most buildings will allow you to have your pet in provided that some size restrictions are complied with but before move in check that. If you are intended on making some renovations make sure you are clear on what you are allowed to do and when. Some buildings allow renovations done only by licensed contractors and only during the working hours of the working week. Speak with the previous owner/ tenant of the apartment to inform yourself of issues that have not been solved yet (leaking roof, problems with plumbing, etc.) so you can also prepare in your budget the possible finances for that. Hopefully these tips will guide you better on how to move into a high rise apartment. Good luck with your moving!

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving During the Week vs. During the Weekend

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving During the Week vs. During the Weekend

Moving during the week or in the weekend in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada – a reason why you should be asking yourself this question is of course the price. There are other aspects of the relocation process that may influence your decision of the time to move like convenience.

The weekdays and the weekend give an opportunity for a different relocation and how it will go for you – you decide based on the day you pick for moving. If you have a family it will also matter for them when you will relocate.

Moving During the Week vs. During the Weekend - Edmonton Movers
This article will review the pros and cons of a move during the weekend and moving during the week.

Is it Cheaper to Move During the Week?

Perhaps this is the most important question when moving. Generally, Edmonton movers charge more on peak times for relocation. These are during the summer, on holidays, the first and last several days of the month and on weekends.

On the other hand, the time when most Edmonton moving companies are less busy are the months from October to April, the weekdays and the days during the month. This is why you are right to ask yourself is it cheaper to move during the week because the time to do it matters.

Another aspect that can put your costs down is if you are able to be flexible regarding the date of your moving day. Actually, Edmonton movers can charge you less if you agree to move on another day. In this way they can ask you to pay a smaller amount because on one direction with their truck they will carry your items and on the other – someone else’s. But in this way you should be able to arrange a day off for you so you can meet the movers at your new home and check that everything was transferred safely.

And yet the price is not all to consider when choosing your moving day. There are other important factors as well.

How about Convenience?

When moving during the week, you and your partner will have to take a day off from work to make the relocation. If you have children, plan who will take them to and from school that day or arrange an off day for them as well. If they are grown up enough they can help you pack. You can let them wrap up some of their personal belongings like clothes and toys. You may generally have less time to do the packing right on a weekday. Also consider the traffic you will have to encounter during the week and the weekends. Perhaps you can consider going through less busy streets if you are moving yourself with your car.

Move during the weekend means you will all be available. Get a good night sleep the day before, go to bed early and on moving day get up early as well. Still, you may be tired from work so an option for you is to find helpers by hiring movers. All about the related costs you can find on this link. In the weekend you can also ask friends or relatives to come and help you with your moving since they will be off from work that day as well.

On the other hand, if you decide to be moving house on a weekend you’ll be able to check the utilities immediately after your arrival. If there is a problem you can solve it right away.

Hiring Professional Edmonton Movers

Most Edmonton movers have the capacity to complete your move better during the week. In their busier period in summer they may need to take trucks from other moving companies to complete your move but even then they may be busy. This is why when scheduling your moving day with a mover in Edmonton try to do it as earlier as possible. Even though most Edmonton moving companies may be willing to complete your move on the date you wish they may not be able to do so for these reasons. Give your Edmonton moving company an opportunity to prepare your move professionally.

For that purpose – get a free moving quote. You can ask what the price will be if you want to move during the weekend or if you are intended on moving during the week. Since every relocation job is unique so will the cost for your move be.

So, moving house on a weekend or moving during the week is a decision up to you. Whichever you decide to take just remember to check all aspects around it and plan your moving day well.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist

Moving your house in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada – how should you proceed? The key to that is organization. Plan well every step, consider the timing of it – i.e. when is the most convenient time for it to be done, and get on with it!

If you have this approach your moving will be smooth and it will be over quickly before you know it has started. This checklist is printable and should help you and guide you. It will give you the list with the most important and basic steps to follow when you want to have your house moved.

Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist - Movers Edmonton
Moving your House Step by Step

Contact a reliable Edmonton moving company. Getting an estimate is one way. Or you can look for a Edmonton movers in a different way – find one near you. There are lots of pros for using an Edmonton moving company. That is one of the ways in which you can find out what moving costs to expect so you can plan your expenses. You can also talk to friends or relatives who have recently moved. Ask them which Edmonton moving company they have used and what is their impression of it.

Get rid of everything you don’t want or need. Otherwise you would have to pay for having it transported. Check everywhere – at every premise in your house (attic, basement, garage, etc). At the same time separate on one side expensive items like credit cars, jewels, or important paperwork. These should stay with you during moving. Take a look at the kitchen also. Use up the food in the fridge and freezer because you won’t be able to take it with you.

If you have some electronics to move arrange for that in time. Some appliances require a special dissembling or have some set up to be done. Give more attention to your computer. Save a copy of its memory in case it gets damaged during transportation.

Consider packing. Are you packing yourself? If so, arrange the purchasing of packing supplies. When you pack your boxes place heavier items in smaller ones and at the bottom. Lighter things can be moved in larger boxes and can be placed on top of heavier things. If you Edmonton moving company is doing that for you – they know how to pack your things and you have nothing to worry about. This will be especially beneficial for you if you have expensive items for moving like paintings. A professional Edmonton moving company will usually recommend the use of crates made specifically for this purpose. Prepare a file with all your moving documentation and an “Open first” box with some essentials that you will need for the moving day and on the first day at your new home.

Think about an insurance. A house has a lot more than an apartment and so protecting it is important. Talk to your Edmonton moving company you decide to hire what opportunities it will offer you.

Change your address when moving. You have a long list of companies and persons to contact – not just utilities, but you have to return books from the library, rented DVD’s, pick up things from the dry cleaners’, cancel any subscriptions, etc.

Don’t forget to arrange your cleaning after you move out of your old home and the cleaning of your new home before you move in it. You can arrange it yourself or have an expert cleaning company do this for you like this one.

Prepare for your moving day. Make sure your Edmonton movers have your contacts – your phone, new address and a floor plan will also be of use to them. Arrange all boxes to be moved by the door so that when your Edmonton movers come they can start loading the truck immediately. This can save about half an hour of your movers’ time and thus – save you money.

Think about your kids and pets, if you have any – and who will take care of them on the day of your moving. You can leave them at your parents’ place or with close friends where you know they will be ok. Perhaps you can also give to them their favorite toys and games so they won’t be bored.

On the moving day – make sure all utilities are disconnected. The same goes true for your new house, too. Once you enter check if everything is working properly and if all utilities are connected.

Relax and enjoy! Moving is a lot of arrangements but at the same time it is a new start, especially if you are moving due to a job opportunity. New opportunities are ahead of you and this is a chance for a new beginning. Good luck with your moving!

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: How To Handle Stress When Moving

Edmonton Moving Tips: How To Handle Stress When Moving

Moving in Edmonton , AB or elsewhere in Canada is one of the most stressful events for a lot of people, if not the most stressful one. You need to make a lot of decisions and plan well ahead. In order to help you handle stress when moving, we’ve created a guide with some useful tips below.

How to Handle Stress when Moving

Collect Enough Information in Advance to Keep Stress Away

When searching for information on how to handle the stress of moving you can find useful information online. Also, reading moving reviews can be very helpful to avoid fake reviews when looking for a reliable Edmonton moving company.

Planning and Organizing Ahead

One of the good ways to decrease stress when moving is to make a checklist of your possessions – this will help you plan your move better.

Decreasing the stress of moving means to plan well in advance moving out and moving in your new home. Start by going through your things and choosing which ones to take along with you. Making a list with your possessions is going to take some stress off of you. One of the reasons for this is that now you will be clearer about how much time will be needed to wrap up everything.

Some people prefer to do the moving themselves. They hire a truck, pack everything themselves, load it, drive it to their new home, unload and unpack it. You need to think well if you will be really ready to take this step. Can you plan how many people you will need to help you load everything on the truck? Will you be able to find a parking place for it and park it? Can you foresee how many times you might have to go forth and back between your old and new home in order to transfer everything? Will you be able to plan how many hours you will need to have available for yourself in order to load and unload the truck?

Don’t initiate all these steps unless you are completely convinced and sure you can handle well all of them. A good planning will help you handle stress when moving. But making the move by yourself may not take away the stress for you due to all the minor details you might miss to plan.

Professional Edmonton Movers Can Decrease Your Moving Stress

Hiring a professional Edmonton moving company can help you deal with moving stress – the experts can plan and arrange all details of your move for you. The moving professionals know every detail of the move and they can plan and arrange very precisely everything – how much packing materials to use, what will the price for packing your things be, how much time will loading your possessions take, when will your belongings reach your new home and how much is all of this going to cost you. Professional Edmonton movers can foresee how your moving will take place and this will decrease the stress when moving not just for you, but also for you family, kids and pets. Remember that if you are anxious all of the time this will affect the others around you and it is actually not necessary.

Another good tip to handle stress when moving is to let your Edmonton moving company do the packing. They can provide the corresponding appropriate packing materials and have experience in what they do. Letting Edmonton movers pack your things well and know that they will take a special care of your breakable items like glass or electronics will decrease the stress of moving for you. This will also save time for you to search for boxes in the near supermarkets. When moving, time might be tight for you so use it well and let the experts engage in tasks that are not possible for you to perform well.

Decreasing Moving Day Stress

When going to your new home pack in advance the most important items first, such as documents and credit cards. You might also want to pack some toys for your children. Once you reach your new home they can have something to play with and this will keep the stress when moving lesser for you and for them as well. Have some food handy as well. In this way you can avoid the hassle of searching for supermarkets near your new home and this will help you relax and relief some of the stress of moving.

Why should you pack and take these basic things with you? When arriving to your new home unpacking everything on the same day may not be possible because of time. So you will be able to reduce some stress when moving if you simply take your most important belongings along and unpack them first.

Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: Handling Problems With Moving to a New Home

Edmonton Moving Tips: Handling Problems With Moving to a New Home

Once you decide to move to a new home in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, you should start preparing yourself early. Changing the location of your living could be rather stressful so don’t hesitate to take some action to make moving easier.

Even though you may be very ready to meet such a challenge, sometimes things could go out of your control and you might encounter problems with moving. So, what can you do then and how can you stay focused even if you are moving during difficult times?

Solve Moving Problems - Edmonton Movers
Unfortunately you can’t always foresee what will happen so we’ve tried to sum up the best possible solutions for moving problems and here below follow our findings.

Make a list with your moving problems

If this is your first time moving out, you have problems with moving to your new home or you are not sure where to start your preparation begin by making a list of all the things you need to do to start solving your moving problems. Then arrange them in a chronological order and decide which step on which position will be in your list and organize their implementation. You can also use our free smartphone apps (for iPhone, iPod, Android and Kindle) as a moving checklist.

Packing Moving Problems

Prepare yourself with the packing supplies you’ll need. You might find that some materials are important to have and cannot be replaced with anything you have at hand like bubble wrap for your fragile items.

Keep in mind that if you decide to use a full service Edmonton moving company, packing will be essential part of your overall moving cost. So doing the packing job by yourself will significantly reduce the overall price.

Physical or Furniture Damage Problems with Moving

While moving your stuff out of your old home to your new one be prepared with a first aid kit. Not being careful when carrying your things could cause a physical injury. In the unlike event of it happening, make sure you have what you need.

Also beware of how you are handling your furniture – some of it could be more easily damaged like the legs of the chairs. Properly packing all your expensive furniture with furniture pads and blankets will ensure their damage free relocation. Pay special attention on how you pack your computer or other electronics for moving.

Time Problems with Moving

If you don’t have much time to do your moving to your new home read on licensed Edmonton moving companies. Relying on the experts to assist you in solving your moving problems will relief a lot of stress off of you. You can move safely with a moving company in Edmonton – prepare yourself with the common hidden moving costs and fees and acquaint yourself with the average moving rates.

Money Problems when Moving

You can cut your moving costs and expenses effectively and think about finding cheap Edmonton movers online. Check on accredited Edmonton moving companies as well. Make sure the Edmonton moving company you are about to move is fully licensed and insured.

Now that you know more details and what to beware of in relation to Edmonton moving companies you may decide to take this step. Make a list of the inventory in your house and contact the experts. How much will it cost? One suggestion could be to try our free moving cost estimator and have yourself well informed. Also think about moving taxes deduction.

Terminology Problems with Moving

Don’t hesitate to ask your Edmonton moving experts for anything you don’t understand. Remember that the paperwork that comes with moving a home is written by lawyers and contains the specific language that they are using. So read well everything you are given for a sign and especially pay attention to the small prints. You should never sign blank paperwork.

Keep Your Valuables with Yourself

Important documents like birth certificates and contracts, jewelry, credit cards, bills, medicines – even if you chose a trustworthy Edmonton moving company have these with yourself to prevent losing them.

Another reason to follow this moving tip is that you might also be needing them during the moving process. Take an appropriate box or bag, place all important things there and keep it at a place that is safe and easy for you to reach when necessary. This is one of the ways in which you can avoid moving problems during your relocation.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

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Edmonton Moving Tips: Frequently Asked Questions when Moving

Edmonton Moving Tips: Frequently Asked Questions when Moving

Moving to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada is one of those chaotic events in life that can turn our world upside down. Thus, in order to make it through you have to stay focused and know what to do.

Moving FAQs - Edmonton Movers
The key is organization. There are some major questions you will ask yourself when time for your moving comes. The main question you want to ask yourself is if you want to hire a professional Edmonton moving company or make the move by yourself. And whether you are hiring professional Edmonton moving help or not, there are other frequently asked questions you will need answered. Here is the list of such questions:

What is the best time to move?

The best time to move generally is the summer season. Summer is the busiest season for most Edmonton movers though. Most people choose to relocate in the summer because of the favorable weather conditions. Therefore, consider moving in an off peak season. Off peak seasons are usually the winter and late fall months. And if you have to move in the summer, try to schedule your move for the middle of the month when it’s not that busy and moving rates are lower.

How long in advance should I contact Edmonton movers?

This is one of the most frequently asked moving questions. Often you don’t know when exactly you will move and thus you can’t schedule your move in advance. It is best though if you can start contacting reliable Edmonton movers at least a month in advance. The earlier the better, because then you will have enough time to research Edmonton moving companies and schedule your move for the desired day.

What is a moving estimate and how many should I get?

A moving estimate is an educated guess of the approximate cost of your moving. This educated guess is based on your inventory, the Edmonton movers’ rates and their experience performing the same type of moves – local or long distance. It is best that you get at least three moving estimates, because that way you can compare Edmonton moving companies and their service rates. The more estimates you get – the better idea you will have of how much your move may cost you.

How do I know if my Edmonton movers are licensed and insured?

You can easily check if your Edmonton movers are licensed and insured. This information should be available on your Edmonton movers’ website, advertising materials and trucks. Whenever you call a mover in Edmonton, you can ask them for their license numbers and then verify them with the local authority.

If they are licensed, by law they have to offer limited liability protection. Some Edmonton movers offer additional coverage as well or can refer to agents they work with if you need full coverage for your belongings. Read more about moving in our article “Types of Moving Insurance & Rates“.

How long will it take to move my home?

Every move is different and the time to complete it varies a lot. The time to complete a moving job depends on the size of your home, the magnitude of your household and the distance traveled.

If you are moving a one bedroom home, it may take up to three hours to pack, load and move locally. If you are moving long distance to or from Edmonton, AB, depending on the size of your home packing and loading will vary and it may take up to two weeks to deliver your stuff. So, the time required to move your home will depends greatly on the type of your move and the size of your home. There are some factors like the distance from your front door to the moving truck that can additionally increase the moving time for local moves.

How much will my move cost?

This question again depends on the size of your move and the moving services you require. The best way to see how much your moving will cost is to get a free estimate. All Edmonton movers offer free online or over the phone moving estimates. For local move you can even get an in-house estimate, which will give you the most accurate assessment. Thus, begin by contacting Edmonton movers and be sure to tell them about every little piece intended for moving.

How and when do I pay my Edmonton movers?

Question for Edmonton movers about how and when to pay are some of the most important for many of us. Moving is not a cheap service and thus you have to be aware of the moving charges. The Edmonton moving company you end up hiring will give you all the details on how you can pay and if they require deposit. Most reliable Edmonton moving companies accept most credit cards, money orders or bank checks and some even work with PayPal. Usually there is an initial charge (moving deposit) when you book your move and then when your goods are delivered, before your Edmonton movers start unloading you have to pay the rest. Stay away from companies that require foot big deposits in advance. The initial booking deposit usually should not increase 15% from the estimated amount.

What does that moving term mean?

You should ask questions about everything you do not understand. One of the most important frequently asked questions to ask your Edmonton movers are in response to specific terms you will not understand when booking with the moving company in Edmonton you’ve selected.

What information should your Edmonton moving company provide?

Your Edmonton moving company should provide all information you need. First, your Edmonton movers should answer all your moving related questions and those of them which are truly professional will go even beyond and provide personalized moving tips. Then, upon booking they must provide you with your final estimation and confirmation of your moving date and time. At the moving day they must provide you with Your Rights and Responsibilities when You Move booklet, copy of the estimate, copy of the signed confirmation, your Bill of Lading and an inventory list if moving long distance.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.


Edmonton Moving Tips: 9 Hidden Moving Costs and Fees

Edmonton Moving Tips: 9 Hidden Moving Costs and Fees

We decided to create a complete list of all the unexpected moving expenses that could drain your moving budget when moving to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

Hidden Moving Costs - Edmonton Moving Services

Packing services and packing supplies

Packing materials and packing services are usually a part of what most full service Edmonton moving companies provide. However, these two may not be included in the estimated final cost of your move.
Often Edmonton moving companies decline that packing labor and supplies are counted in the estimate, but somehow you end up with extra moving fees for the additional boxes. Usually what the moving companies tell you is that some of your items require special packing materials and more packing boxes for extra safety during transportation. True or false, you get charged with hidden moving costs that you can’t avoid.
Unexpected moving expenses like extra packing fees are quite common. It should be mentioned in the moving documents you sign prior to your moving that the quoted price doesn’t cover additional packing supplies and that you are warned that your estimated moving cost may increase. Always read the fine print to avoid any surprises.

Moving Insurance

When you sign your Bill of Lading, you automatically get basic coverage (called “valuation”). You might be feeling calm that you have some insurance, but all too often the final amount of the valuation coverage doesn’t match the value of your belongings. You may have to get additional moving insurance for full coverage. Many Edmonton moving companies offer Full Value Protection – the ultimate moving insurance that guarantees reinstatement and replacement valuation for damages and missing items. Keep in mind that purchasing moving insurance costs extra and depends on the declared value of you items as well as the reputation of your Edmonton moving company.

Extra charges for handling bulky items

If your items appear to be heavier or over sized, you will be charged with additional moving fees. This is another hidden moving expense you should be aware of in advance. Unexpected moving costs come up if you are moving piano, pool tables, motorcycles, wall units, playgrounds, lawn mowers and other hard to transport items that take up a lot of space in the moving truck.
Many people are concerned how to move with their pianos. If your piano needs to be lifted by a crane, it will cost you around $800 -$2500 extra. If you are moving your piano locally in Edmonton, it will probably cost you from $150 to $600. Price also depends on the access to your house or apartment. You will be charged for every ascended flight of stairs to your floor (the first flight is usually indicated to be free).

Long carry fees

If your Edmonton movers cannot park the moving truck in a certain distance to your doorsteps you will be charged like $90-$120 for every 75Ft from the truck to your door. This often happens due to the impossibility of parking near the door to your building. And it is hard to rely on free parking spots in the big cities like Edmonton. To protect your budget from hidden moving costs, see if there is a way to assure parking spot for the moving truck. You can also request a parking permit from the city town hall for your Edmonton movers for the specific day and time of the move. If not, speak directly to your Edmonton movers to find out about their long carry fee terms when booking your move.

Elevator fees

In case of an elevator a one-time fee will be charged, depending on your Edmonton moving company. This charge is similar to the long carry fee. Some Edmonton moving companies will not charge you this fee if you have reserved an elevator exclusively for the move with the building management.

Moving cancellation fee

Your moving plans may change or you might decide to go with another Edmonton moving company in the last minute. But this will cost you money. Every Edmonton moving company has their own cancellation fee policy. Most Edmonton moving companies declare they have really lenient cancellation terms. But you should know that this is one of the most common hidden moving costs source.
For more than one week notice, there may be no unexpected moving expenses. If you notify your Edmonton moving company one week in advance, you may be charged $50 – $100.
For a cancellation in less than five days, you will be charged with average cost of $300 or the full moving deposit.

Storage fee

Storage is usually included in your estimated moving cost. The thing is, you’ll have only 30 days of the so-called “free storage period”. Further that time limit you will be additionally charged for storage. It will approximately cost you around $50 to $60 a month per vault (the average capacity of a vault is around 1500 lbs). Other possible charge is by cubic feet per month. Prices usually start at 1.00$ per foot.

Extra stops charges

Most Edmonton moving companies will charge you for any extra drop-offs or pick-ups on the route. $75 is the common starting price for an extra stop.

Travel Fee

If you are moving locally in Edmonton, most Edmonton movers charge travel fees. This is the time needed for them to get from their office location to your address. The usual charge is one extra hours or more.

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Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Save on Moving Costs

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Save on Moving Costs

Moving to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada is usually quite expensive, as it involves labor, moving vehicles, moving and packing materials etc.

How to Save on Moving Costs - Edmonton Movers
However there are some ways to cut moving costs and lower your moving expenses. In this blog post we will elaborate on a few proven ways that will help you save on your moving costs.

  • Work out a moving budget – Before you start doing anything, you have to determine the cost of your move and allocate the moving budget. This is the first and most important step. You should research how much approximately you will need to spend and how much you can actually afford to spend for your relocation.
  • Get rid of the excesses – We all have some junk collected over the years, and now is the time to rid ourselves of it. Keeping in mind your budget, consider all the stuff you do not use anymore and will most likely never will. You  can throw them away or donate them. Many non-profit organizations accept donations and you can also deduct that from your taxes. You can also organize a garage sale to earn some cash from selling stuff you no longer need.
  • Get binding estimates – Getting a moving estimate does not guarantee that the final bill will match the quoted price. Get a few Edmonton moving estimates, but always ask for a binding estimate. In most cases, you can get such only when an Edmonton moving company comes to do an in-house estimate. Only when a moving estimator sees all inventory intended for moving, they can give you a binding estimate. A binding estimate will help you stick to your budget.
  • Survey your home and make a detailed inventory – If you can’t get an in-house estimate, you better make a detailed inventory of your household. In order for the final moving cost to be as quoted in the beginning you have to do that.
  • Get your boxes and packing materials – One of the most expensive aspects in a moving is the packing and wrapping materials. By buying or renting your own moving supplies (or getting them for free online – search in your local Craigslist posts or local classifieds websites under “free stuff” section), you can reduce your moving cost greatly.
  • Pack by yourself, leave only the big furniture for the movers – Since you want to cut your moving costs to the minimum, pack as much as you can by yourself. By doing so you will greatly reduce the cost of packing supplies and your Edmonton movers labor and time that otherwise you would pay.
  • Check about long carry fees – Measure the distance between your home and the street and ask your Edmonton moving company about their long carry fee. They should explain beyond what distance is considered long carry and from what floor they count it as such.
  • Do you need extra insurance? – Haul items that are more valuable with you instead of paying for additional moving insurance because the basic liability usually never covers the actual value of the goods. Also, if you have bigger items you can’t take with you, ask your homeowners insurance if it covers the moving and transportation of your goods.
  • Wait to share truck with another customer – Often when you are moving long distance you may be offered a cheaper moving cost if you wait for the delivery. Waiting a little longer to share a truck with another customer will save you money.
  • Move in off peak season – Another great way to save on moving services is to choose to move in off peak season. This often means moving in the winter as most Edmonton moving companies lower their rates.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving into a New House

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving into a New House

Life Changes When We Move

Moving is a big life changing step for most people. It is a change in the environment around us and often a big step in our life, whether moving locally in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

Since the day you decide that you are moving, until the last box is unloaded in your new house, the thought about moving to a new house never leaves you.

There are many aspects involved in the relocation process and many of us do not even realize that until the day of the move. Moving requires time and money, along with worries about the relocation process itself and about your new house.

You should find and hire a reliable Edmonton moving company, get a moving quote, set up the desired dates for moving etc. Moving cross-country in Canada can be even more distressing because the moving cost is higher and it requires more organization to prepare for your moving well.

First Day in Your New House - Edmonton Movers
The Day After Your Move

After all the effort the move took and all the money spent, the day after the move may seem like a breeze. Yes, but not quite.

Usually on your delivery day you will not be able to unpack much of your belongings because you will be quite overwhelmed, especially if it is after a long distance move to or from Edmonton, AB. Thus, the day after the move will be specifically dedicated to unpacking and rearranging all of your belongings. And you will need to get rid of all the boxes and plastic wrapping.

It is a good idea when you wake up in the morning to have a cup of coffee and take a walk in your new neighborhood. Walk around, talk to some local people about what is around and places to check out. Also, if you have kids, take them to nearby city park and let them play.

You can as well choose to run some of your first errands or just go find out where is the closest bank, post office, grocery store and pharmacy. Do not just Google those. Get familiar with your new town by walking the streets. Do some of that before you start unpacking and organizing your new home.

Finish Your Moving Checklist

Another thing you should do is checking your moving checklist (if you have one). If you did a cross-country long distance move, you should change your ID within your current province and you’ll have to visit the local Registry of Motor Vehicles. Also, make sure you move all the necessary services to the new locations near you.

Overwhelmed or Overexcited After The Move

You can choose whether to be one or the other. After moving to a new place either state could be quite unsettling.

There are some strategies to prevent these states and as mentioned above – you should start by getting away from chaos at your new home after the move. Human brain is used to order and habitual actions, thus when we move we disturb all that order and we can easily feel overwhelmed.

Therefore, to keep your sanity and to give you some piece of mind, you should try to maintain your schedule as much as possible, no matter how excited you are.

The day after the move is when we realize that we have to change even more than we thought, so being able to stay calm and organized is necessary. Think about how all the hard work is now done and this is a relief day.


Original source: https://www.mymovingreviews.com

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB and anywhere else in Canada. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.