Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Move Large Furniture

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Move Large Furniture

Moving is not an easy task, whether you are hiring professional Edmonton movers or moving by yourself.

Tips for Moving Large Furniture - Edmonton Movers
One of the most difficult parts of moving is moving large furniture pieces. The heaviest pieces are hard to move because they require some heavy lifting. Large and heavy furniture items are hard to slide or pull around your house and hard to get out of the entrance door. Thus, if you are about to relocate you should use proper techniques to make it easy and harmless for yourself and your house. The best option would be to hire a moving company in Edmonton that will take care of the moving large pieces of furniture.

How to Prepare Large Furniture Pieces for Moving

If you have never done moving large pieces of furniture, here are a few techniques you can use:

Prepare the furniture that you have to disassemble and start working on it as soon as your relocation process starts. Remove any loose parts of the furniture to make it easy and safe when moving, and if you have to, move it piece by piece.

If you are moving dressers or some other large pieces of furniture, take all the contents out from the furniture and place them into moving boxes.

Clear your way from the room to the entrance door. Make sure you have enough room to move and shift the big pieces of furniture, as this will ensure space for lifting and turning the furniture. Consider chandeliers and other light fixtures, as well as your floors. You do not want to break or damage anything.

If you have not moved that furniture before, measure the dimensions and consider the path you have cleared. Measure the width of the doors, the hallways you will be passing through and the height of the ceilings.

Make sure you protect your floors, especially if they are hardwood or any other easily damageable surface. Use furniture moving pads or some blankets to cover your floors.

To move the large furniture pieces, use furniture sliders and steel lifters, which will help you get the job done. If you don’t know how to move and lift big furniture items, or it is too heavy – use the lifter and then put the slider under each corner. If it is a couch, for example, put the sliders under each leg carefully by tilting slightly enough to push the slider under the corner.

When you start moving the furniture, use your legs not your back. Squat and lift with your back straight, do not bend your back, hold it low and keep the furniture close to your body. Lift each piece of furniture from the strongest point.

Moving straps can also make the moving of large furniture easier. Professional Edmonton movers use straps for the heavy pieces of furniture. The moving pads and sliders will protect your furniture and floors, and will make it easier on your body. Avoid twisting and take your time when start moving.
You might consider using a belt when lifting heavy furniture. This will protect your back and help you lift more.

Consider Hiring a Professional Edmonton Moving Company

Remember that large and heavy furniture is difficult to move and it requires planning and measuring. Moving large pieces of furniture is not impossible though and there are great tools that will facilitate the moving if you are doing it by yourself.

Consider safety first. You can move much more safely with a professional Edmonton moving company. You can get a free Edmonton moving quote directly from your Edmonton movers and calculate your moving expenses fast and easy.

Professional Edmonton movers know how to disassemble and move any large furniture item and safely transport it to your new home.

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