How to Load the Moving Vehicle for Moving in Edmonton AB

How to Load the Moving Vehicle for Moving in Edmonton AB

If you are moving by yourself in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, then you will have to rent a moving vehicle which could be either a truck or a van.


Tips for Loading Moving Vehicle - Edmonton Movers
It is important to know how to load boxes and other items onto a moving vehicle, so that your belongings reach your new place without any problems. Planning is very important in loading a moving vehicle and below are few tips that will help you in planning the loading process properly.

Heavy items go in first

The rule of thumb of loading is that you should always load the heaviest boxes and items first. Large appliances such as washing machines and fridges should all go in the vehicle first.

It is important to balance the vehicle so you should place the same weights on each side of the vehicle. Before loading these big valuable items make sure that they are padded for protection. Padding does cost a little bit extra, but it is worth the added protection it will provide to your belongings.

Long items are next

Once you have dealt with the heavy items, it is time to load the long items such as mattresses and mirrors. Do not place them flat but rather against the wall, to keep them safe and also to save some space in the vehicle. Do not forget to cover up mattresses and mirrors to avoid ripping and breaking. Some large items will need to be disassembled before loading.

Load the moving boxes

Once the individual items have been loaded, load all the boxes in the vehicle. Load the heavier boxes first and place them on top of appliances or furniture to save more space on the vehicle. If there are fragile items in these boxes then avoid placing them on top of anything.

The light boxes come next and you can stack them on top of the heavy boxes. Another tip of keeping your belongings safe is by covering the ceiling of the roof with some soft material such as bedding or blankets. Since you are stacking things up, the boxes and items will touch the ceiling more than often and some padding on the ceiling will protect them.


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