Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist

Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist

Moving your house in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada – how should you proceed? The key to that is organization. Plan well every step, consider the timing of it – i.e. when is the most convenient time for it to be done, and get on with it!

If you have this approach your moving will be smooth and it will be over quickly before you know it has started. This checklist is printable and should help you and guide you. It will give you the list with the most important and basic steps to follow when you want to have your house moved.

Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist - Movers Edmonton
Moving your House Step by Step

Contact a reliable Edmonton moving company. Getting an estimate is one way. Or you can look for a Edmonton movers in a different way – find one near you. There are lots of pros for using an Edmonton moving company. That is one of the ways in which you can find out what moving costs to expect so you can plan your expenses. You can also talk to friends or relatives who have recently moved. Ask them which Edmonton moving company they have used and what is their impression of it.

Get rid of everything you don’t want or need. Otherwise you would have to pay for having it transported. Check everywhere – at every premise in your house (attic, basement, garage, etc). At the same time separate on one side expensive items like credit cars, jewels, or important paperwork. These should stay with you during moving. Take a look at the kitchen also. Use up the food in the fridge and freezer because you won’t be able to take it with you.

If you have some electronics to move arrange for that in time. Some appliances require a special dissembling or have some set up to be done. Give more attention to your computer. Save a copy of its memory in case it gets damaged during transportation.

Consider packing. Are you packing yourself? If so, arrange the purchasing of packing supplies. When you pack your boxes place heavier items in smaller ones and at the bottom. Lighter things can be moved in larger boxes and can be placed on top of heavier things. If you Edmonton moving company is doing that for you – they know how to pack your things and you have nothing to worry about. This will be especially beneficial for you if you have expensive items for moving like paintings. A professional Edmonton moving company will usually recommend the use of crates made specifically for this purpose. Prepare a file with all your moving documentation and an “Open first” box with some essentials that you will need for the moving day and on the first day at your new home.

Think about an insurance. A house has a lot more than an apartment and so protecting it is important. Talk to your Edmonton moving company you decide to hire what opportunities it will offer you.

Change your address when moving. You have a long list of companies and persons to contact – not just utilities, but you have to return books from the library, rented DVD’s, pick up things from the dry cleaners’, cancel any subscriptions, etc.

Don’t forget to arrange your cleaning after you move out of your old home and the cleaning of your new home before you move in it. You can arrange it yourself or have an expert cleaning company do this for you like this one.

Prepare for your moving day. Make sure your Edmonton movers have your contacts – your phone, new address and a floor plan will also be of use to them. Arrange all boxes to be moved by the door so that when your Edmonton movers come they can start loading the truck immediately. This can save about half an hour of your movers’ time and thus – save you money.

Think about your kids and pets, if you have any – and who will take care of them on the day of your moving. You can leave them at your parents’ place or with close friends where you know they will be ok. Perhaps you can also give to them their favorite toys and games so they won’t be bored.

On the moving day – make sure all utilities are disconnected. The same goes true for your new house, too. Once you enter check if everything is working properly and if all utilities are connected.

Relax and enjoy! Moving is a lot of arrangements but at the same time it is a new start, especially if you are moving due to a job opportunity. New opportunities are ahead of you and this is a chance for a new beginning. Good luck with your moving!

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