Edmonton Moving Tips – The Best Time to Move

Edmonton Moving Tips – The Best Time to Move

When planning your move to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, you need to decide what is the most appropriate time to for you to relocate, taking into consideration some key aspects.

In this post we will offer you some tips that you could follow depending on your moving needs and requirements.

Best Time to Move - Movers Edmonton

Best Time to Move Based on Costs

As it comes to moving costs, the best time to move is in the off-peak season (fall and winter). Market is down and most moving and relocation companies in Edmonton offer lower rates and additional moving discounts and coupons.

Worst Time to Move

Also, the worst time for moving seems to be the weekends especially in the beginning or the end of the month – most Edmonton moving companies’ fees may be a bit higher then.

You should find a moving company in Edmonton that is not only affordable, but licensed and insured. First, run some background checks on a list of chosen local Edmonton movers. Do not forget to read moving reviews and ratings on your chosen Edmonton moving company before booking with it.

Moving with Kids

Moving with your family is a tough job. And if your children are going to school it gets even more complicated. If this is your case – summer is the best time, because your children are free from school.

Research local schools, and more specifically find what other activities are involved in the various school programs, besides regular classes.

Ideal Time to Relocate in Terms of Weather

Weather conditions are crucial when it comes to a long distance moving to or from Edmonton. You should plan very carefully your long-distance move. Bad weather could cause damages, especially to a valuable antiques or electronics. Also, in the winter plan for more transportation time. If you are about to store your valuables in storage, make sure you rent a climate-controlled storage cell unit.

Contact Edmonton Moving Companies

Contact some Edmonton moving companies to research their costs and discounts. If you have flexible moving dates, in most cases you will receive lower moving estimates. Fixed pickup and delivery dates usually cost more.

Also, do not forget the Holidays!

During holidays you definitely have more free time, since you are not at work, but traffic gets busier. Also, most Edmonton moving companies offer higher rates or no service at all. You have to check if there are any upcoming official statutory holidays when planning your move.

The best time to move depends on a few factors and you should consider all of them. If you arrange every step of your move with your Edmonton moving company, you’ll have a smooth trip. Usually hiring a professional Edmonton moving company with good reputation will increase the chance of a stress-free move, no matter of the time and weather.

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