Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Pack up a Bedroom

Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Pack up a Bedroom

When it comes to moving, packing up the bedroom is one of the most exhausting and frustrating steps. Since we keep most of our personal belongings in the bedroom, lots of items have to be packed. Below is a complete guide on how to pack a bedroom for moving in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

Moving is the best time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore or you consider replacing. You may consider giving away or selling all the items you think you won’t need anymore. You may organize a garage sale, or sell stuff you won’t need through the Internet. There are lots of websites that provide this service.

Bedroom Packing Tips
This way you will save both time and money, because the final moving price is based on the amount of stuff you are about to move. Usually when your Edmonton movers need to pack bedroom furniture it will cost you additionally on the final bill.

First, make a list of all your bedroom furniture

We recommend you to make a list of all your bedroom items. Try not to miss anything. Make a plan of all bedroom items for packing up – which are fragile, which will need special handling.

Organize your belongings so you can calculate in advance what type and how much packing materials you will need. This is a very important step because it may happen that you may need more packing materials, or worse you don’t have enough for everything.

When you start packing, follow the rule: first come the small bedroom items and then the larger ones. This way you will make place for the larger, and it will be much more easier for your Edmonton movers or you to dismantle and handle large bedroom furniture. Packing most of the bedroom items by yourself will help you save on moving costs a lot.

Start packing up with your clothing, jewelry and other personal belongings

You don’t wear all of your clothes at one time, so start packing with the clothes you don’t wear often. Perhaps pack up your summer clothing if it is winter. Leave only some clothes to wear until the moving ends – everyday clothes or work uniforms.

Here are some tips on how to pack the bedroom closet.

If you have a lot of formal attire, such as suits and dresses, you better use wardrobe boxes. This way your clothes will stay unwrinkled during the transportation. You’d better put your formal clothing in first.
For all other clothes use medium size boxes. Fold all casual clothes nicely, so you will be able to put more clothes in a box, and thus save space. Put them in plastic bags and seal them perfectly.

Pack all your jewelry so you can carry them with you. If you decide to put jewels and in the moving truck, make sure that your movers know that in advance. In that case you should consider what insurance option to choose. Try not to pack expensive items with bedroom furniture.

Pack all other small valuable bedroom decorations so that they are well secured. You better advice your movers. Everything fragile should be packed with great care. Try to arrange things so they take less space. You better carry all expensive items with you.

Packing Bedroom Bedding, Carpets and Curtains

Packing bedroom furniture, bedding, carpets and curtains don’t seem so essential, but you should do that in advance. Put all bedding linen and curtains in plastic bags, and then put them in boxes. This way you will protect them from any dirt.

Carpets and mattresses should also be covered well. They can’t be easily damaged, but need to be protected from the dirt while in transportation. You should use mattresses covers. If you can’t find the size you need, ask your moving company for a solution. An experienced Edmonton moving team will solve the problem in no time as movers usually carry mattress covers on site or use shrink wrap to protect your mattresses. We all know how expensive a comfortable mattress could be.

Packing Electronics, Antiques and Valuable Arts

If you have any valuables such as antiques and expensive paintings, contact your Edmonton movers in advance. All these need special packing materials and transport conditions. You might need special crating for the paintings. If you are about to move state to state to an area where the whether goes to extremes, then you should hire reputable Edmonton movers to handle them. You might need to arrange climate controlled moving trucks and climate controlled storage unit.

In case you will have to transport antiques or other valuable arts, you should make a research on the internet for moving companies in Edmonton that will be able to handle such items. Purchasing an additional moving insurance option is highly recommended. You may need a custom size crates for your precious collectables. You’d better warn your Edmonton movers for such items prior booking a transportation.

Packing Bedroom Furniture

After packing all your small bedroom furniture pieces, you now have room for packing the larger furniture pieces. Check if your bed, wardrobe and other drawers can be dismantled into smaller pieces.

If you feel you can’t manage do it by yourself, ask friends or your Edmonton movers to help you do it. Do not experiment with your furniture. Sometimes things are not as easy to disassemble as they seem to be. Remember that everything should be assembled once you arrive to the new location so save all the nuts and bolts while disassembling and mark them in advance.

Pack bedroom furniture very carefully prior moving. Use all extra measure packing materials such as bubble wrap, blankets (or furniture pads) and all other appropriate covering materials. Everything should be covered perfectly. Also, if your bedroom items can’t be dismantled fully, inform your Edmonton movers to find a solution.

Bear in mind that the boxes have to be carried from your home to the truck and then again back to your new home. Too heavy boxes are very difficult to carry. You are more likely to injure yourself while carrying if you do not plan the weight, especially if you need to carry them up to the third floor at the destination.

After packing your bedroom, make sure you do label all the boxes with their contents. Instead of trying to remember where you have put everything, it will be much easier for you to label the boxes. You will save time when unpacking in your new bedroom.

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