Edmonton Moving Tips – Avoid Fake Reviews on Moving Companies

Edmonton Moving Tips – Avoid Fake Reviews on Moving Companies

One of the first steps in finding a safe Edmonton moving company is reading reviews about Edmonton movers. Unfortunately, nowadays it seems that there is quite a lot of fake moving company reviews.

Some rogue movers in Edmonton go too far in order to boost their overall rating. Since it’s a highly competitive business, lots of Edmonton relocation companies tend to even pay third party PR and marketing specialists to write fake positive reviews about their moving services.

How to Avoid Moving Scams - Edmonton Moving Tips

Moving smoothly with a reliable Edmonton moving company is a priority for everyone when relocating both locally in Edmonton or cross-country in Canada.

Filtering Fake Reviews on Edmonton Moving Companies

There are many review websites out there and even if filters are in place, some fake reviews may sneak through. For a customer, there are many ways to determine whether the moving reviews you are reading on a given Edmonton moving company are legitimate or fake.

Below are some tips on how to avoid fake reviews on Edmonton moving companies.

  • It’s all about attitude. Skip the too positive sounding reviews about Edmonton movers, as there is not such thing as ‘the perfect Edmonton moving company’. There are of course many reliable and experienced movers in Edmonton, but to avoid fake reviews – you should stay alert.
  • Keep in mind that the cheap moving companies are usually not the ones with the best service standards.
  • On the other side too negative and even offensive reviews are also most likely to be fake. There are some rogue Edmonton movers who are trying to corrupt other Edmonton moving companies’ reputation. There are also fraud Edmonton moving companies who would go too far for a 5-star rating.
  • Generalized reviews. While reading reviews about Edmonton moving companies, be cautious about generalized reviews. Often such reviews turn out to be fake Edmonton moving company reviews. They are just another PR instrument to increase company sales.
  • Irrelevant reviews. This kind of fake moving reviews are mostly off the topic. At first sight they seem to be relevant, but at the end their only aim is to promote other Edmonton moving company services. They usually post links to other Edmonton movers.
  • Research your Edmonton movers in advance. Read as many reviews as possible before booking. Following some simple rules can tell if a review is fake.
  • Pay attention to the language style. You read a moving company’s review and it sounds perfect – beyond your expectations. Think once again. If the text of the review fits perfectly to your expectations and requirements, then it is rather to be a fake moving company review. Too much repetition is suspicious. This moving company review will sound more likely as an advertisement.
  • Reviewing styles and common words used can help you identify the fake reviews about moving companies from the real testimonials. If you find several similar reviews or you see the same phrases and sentences used in multiple Edmonton moving company reviews, there is a great chance they are written by the same person.
  • Note the date the reviews were posted. If you see a negative review and a lot of positive reviews in a matter of days after – there is another red flag. Having a lot of reviews on a given date (or a range of 2-3 days) and then not having a single review for weeks or months is really suspicious.

After Finding Fake Reviews about Movers

  • Check the names of reviewers on similar Edmonton moving companies’ services. How often do you move? Some review sites and moving companies’ forums require registration. Find out if this person is not moving too often.
  • Fake testimonials. Keep in mind that there are Edmonton moving companies that pay lots of money for fake testimonials. Do not trust everything you see and read. Be more careful. Fake testimonials have rather marketing approach, they sounds as an advertisement. There could be lots of positive words about the moving company, but there is s difference between a happy customer and marketing talk.

If you want to avoid fake reviews and testimonials, try to read between the lines. A real moving company review must sound natural. Nothing more, nothing less. Read as many as you can. Go to multiple websites and online resources to read testimonials, complaints and consumer reports. Go to the Better Business Bureau website and read the profile of the BBB movers.

There is not an easy way to know how to tell if a review is fake. Make sure you do your homework in advance to avoid moving scams.

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