Supplies You’ll Need for Packing Your Goods When Moving

Once you prepared a packing list that contains all your belongings that will be moved, it is time to purchase supplies to pack the items. Such supplies can be easily purchased in small portion from a local retailer, a supermarket or a store that sells office supplies. Make sure that you compare prices between different stores to get the best deal however, it’s always best to but the packing material from a packing supplies store.

Packing Supplies - Residential Movers Edmonton and Canada

We prepared a list of some of the supplies that can be used for packing different goods before moving.

Moving Boxes and Cartons

You might actually not need to purchase moving boxes and cartons. Check if grocery stores and retailers located near your house can give you their used boxes and cartons. Make sure to alert them a week before you need the boxes so that they start collecting them and will keep them aside for you. It would be even better if you told the stores how many boxes you will need.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an important packing supply, and it’s quite necessary to use since it can protect fragile items from damage. It can also be used to wrap electronic items and even some of the dishware and glassware. You should make a rough estimate on how many meters of bubble wrap you’ll need for your move.

Markers and Tape

Permanent markers will be needed to mark all the boxes and cartons. It will definitely help in better identification of the boxes. Use markers to mark boxes with fragile items as well, and write “Fragile! Handle with Care” on them. This will alert your movers to take more care when handling those items.

Tape will help you to seal off your moving boxes so that your belongings don’t fall out during the loading and unloading process.


These are little soft pieces that fill up empty spaces in the boxes. You should fill foam in boxes that contain dishware and glassware so that such fragile items do not bang into each other and crack or break.
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