Self-Moving Mistakes to Avoid when Moving in Edmonton AB

When planning a self-move in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, you should be wary of making some of the most common self-moving mistakes described below, to make sure your moving process goes well.

Avoid Self Moving Mistakes - Edmonton Movers

  • Underestimating the time for the move

Many people tend to underestimate the time to be taken for their next move. It’s important to understand and accept that you’ll require a bigger time commitment, and time management is utmost significance here.

  • Safety mistakes

When self-moving to or from Edmonton, AB, disregarding necessary safety norms regarding packing, loading and transporting household goods could spell big trouble for you. When moving heavy household items, you need to use proper equipment to protect the items and your home from any damage. Making use of proper moving and lifting equipment will also save you from any possible injuries.

We recommend using carpet protectors, furniture sliders, thick furniture blankets, moving straps, moving sliders, utility dollies and other essential packing and moving supplies for a safe self-move.

  • Renting a moving vehicle of a wrong size

Renting a moving truck of the appropriate size is a vital task when self-moving. In fact, it’s considered to be indispensable for the ultimate success of your moving venture. Opt for a moving vehicle that has a larger capacity rather than being compelled to leave a couple of your household belongings behind.

Before making any decision with regards to renting any moving truck for your self-move, its best to seek the advice of reliable Edmonton movers or some renowned truck rental firms.

  • Packing blunders

Do you think that packing your entire home is a child’s play? Well, when planning a self-move, one of the common mistakes we tend to commit is assuming ourselves to be born with skillful packing skills. The fact is that the whole packing process can become a total waste of your time if you don’t know some of the basic packing rules, such as described below.

Begin the packing process as early as possible. Don’t delay it till the last moving day. Reduce your household items to the bare minimum to save your time and money in useless transportation. Seek the help of your family and friends when needed or hire a renowned professional Edmonton moving company. Make and stick to your master packing plan. Ensure safety of your goods by using required packing materials for a safe move.

  • Failing to pack the moving day survival kit

Not packing your moving day survival kit is a big self-move mistake. You must pack your toothbrushes, combs, keys, tea and other vital things in the moving day survival kit for you and your family members.

  • Moving despite being overtired

Self-moving is a strenuous and an arduous task. So, make sure to give yourself ample care and time to avoid any health hazards and costly mistakes during your move.

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