How to Prepare a Packing List for Moving

It is important to prepare a packing list when moving in order to keep track of all the items that are being moved, whether you are moving locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada.

To be on the safe side – you should prepare a packing list even if you are letting a professional moving company handle the packing of your belongings.


Once you have the moving date confirmed, start listing down all the items that will be moved. Make sure you start it in advance to have enough time to finish the list. If you make an attempt to complete the list in short time while being hasty, there is a possibility that you might miss a few important items.

Tips on Preparing a Packing List

It’s actually not a complicated task at all if you have a smart strategy. Pick a room of your choice and use it as a starting point. Include all the pieces of furniture, fixtures and fittings that are going to be moved. Add paintings and decoration pieces to the list as well, if there are any. Some people make use of video recording to take a note of items that have to be moved and this technique may be quite efficient.

To make the list you can either use your computer or just write it down on a piece of paper. Divide a sheet of paper in four columns.

In the first column write the name of the item while the second column should contain the estimated value of the item that is listed. In the third column you can write some notes regarding the condition of the item since you will want to compare the condition of the item after it has been moved. There’s always a chance of wear and tear during the move and if there is any loss or damage you can point that out to your moving company. The fourth column is for your reference and should contain the original location of the item.

Again, preparing a packing list would help you have a record of your belongings and allow you to track and report any loss or damages.

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