How to pack shoes when moving in Edmonton AB or elsewhere in Canada

Shoes are often quite an expensive part of your wardrobe and should be packed in certain way to prevent damage during your move in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

Tips for Packing Shoes - How to Pack Shoes
Some people are very organized in maintenance of their shoes and have shoe hangers for all the shoes, while others just throw their shoes in the closet without caring much. If you do not pack the shoes properly when you are moving, most likely your shoes will get damaged.

Here are some tips that will help you in packing your shoes properly so that they reach your new home without a scratch.

The best way of packing and moving shoes is to pack them in their shoe boxes. Shoe boxes keep the shoes protected during the move and will prevent the shoes from getting crushed. Just place your shoes in their original boxes and pack the shoe boxes in a moving box that is reserved for your shoes.

And if you did not keep shoe boxes, then you will have to take some effort in packing your shoes. Start with individually wrapping each shoe in packing paper. Once the shoes are wrapped, start placing them in the box, making sure that they are placed sideways and not stacked on top of each other.

Once a layer of shoes is kept in the box and the time comes to stack the shoes, add a layer of padding over the shoes. This layer will make sure that the shoes in the bottom do not get crushed while being moved. Since shoes are usually quite heavy, they may easily crush shoes beneath them and that padding layer will prevent this from happening.

Packing of shoes does seem like a challenge, but it is better to pack and move them properly instead of having to get new shoes upon reaching your new place.

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