How to Make Arrangements for Your Move

Whether you are moving locally in Edmonton AB or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, it’s important to make all the necessary arrangements for your move.

Moving can be very challenging if it’s not well planned and organized. It’s always best to plan your moving in advance of your actual moving day so that minimum disruption and delay is caused.

Prepare for Moving - Movers Edmonton Canada
Following are some tips on making arrangements for your move that might be helpful in minimizing disruption on your moving day and making sure that moves goes smooth from beginning to an end.

  1. Book the Elevator

If you live in an apartment building then make sure that you book the elevator beforehand. Post a note next to the elevator two days before moving that will notify building’s residents about your moving plans. It is always nice to notify your neighbors about a potential hassle you might be causing on your moving day. Mention the time of moving so that you can use the elevator exclusively during the posted time.

  1. Find the Best Parking Spot

Some buildings have special gates/doors that are used for moving. Identify the designated spot for parking the moving truck to avoid blocking the flow of the traffic for you other people.  A properly parked moving truck will simplify and fast track moving and unloading your belongings both at origin and destination.

Building strata manager or caretaker can be of great help in locating the designated parking space for moving.  Sometimes strata may even help you post a sign notifying the neighbors.  This can help if you are not able to post the signs for both origin and destination on or before the moving day.

Remember that parking restrictions can be a big obstacle to overcome if not planned in advance.  Make sure all the permits are obtained from both strata and the city.

  1. Helpful Things you Might Need

If you are moving yourself, it’s always a good idea to have some items such as ladders and tool boxes handy while your belongings are being loaded into a moving truck. These items may become quite useful for packing or loading the items.  But if you have hired a professional moving company like Provincial Moving and Storage in Edmonton, AB to do the moving, then all you need to do is relax and see the move proceed smooth and trouble free.

Provincial Moving & Storage will service any local and long distance move to and from Edmonton, AB. To receive a free moving quote and to help plan your move locally in Edmonton or moving long distance from Edmonton to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or other cities in Canada, Click Here to submit your inquiry.