How to Label Moving Boxes While Packing

Packing your belongings in moving boxes is an essential part of your moving process. And it is important to label the boxes properly so that you can easily find all your items during unpacking.

How To Label Moving Boxes - Movers Edmonton Canada
Here are some tips to help you remain organized and label moving boxes to make your unpacking easy.

Label on all box sides

Apart from the top side you should label your moving boxes on all other sides, including the bottom. This will only make unpacking easier for you since you won’t have to rotate the boxes to identify what is packed inside them.

The labeling system depends on your personal preferences, but we recommend labeling the boxes based on the room they contain items for, e.g. ‘Bedroom’ and ‘Kitchen’.

Use various colors

Using different colored markers will help you in organizing your items even more efficiently. For instance, you can use black marker to label the rooms on the boxes and a red marker to label the names of items that are in those boxes.


There will be some boxes that will have to be prioritized. Essentially, you will have to pack a box or two with stuff that you will need immediately such as toiletries, cleaning supplies etc. Make sure that you label such boxes with different colors so that you can easily identify them.

Cautions and warnings

Cautions and warnings are very important in the labeling process. There are going to be fragile items in some boxes and it is your responsibility to label such boxes with a note that says ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘Caution: Fragile Items inside’.

These labels will give both the movers and you a reminder to handle the boxes with care to avoid damage.

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