Edmonton Moving Tips: Top Ten Moving Mistakes

To help you move in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada, we have prepared a list with the the top ten most common moving mistakes and some tips on how to avoid them:

1. Not Planning Your Move

Having a moving checklist to follow will decrease the chance of missing something in our moving process.

60 days before your move, you should start planning every step, and moreover, start by allocating the budget for your relocation. By obtaining Edmonton moving quotes, you can get an idea of how much your moving will approximately cost.
Top Moving Mistakes - Edmonton Movers
2. Failing to Ask for an In-house Estimate

When contacting a moving company in Edmonton, you should know that most local moving companies in Edmonton offer in-house binding estimates. Not getting one could be your biggest blunder when planning a move. To have a professional moving estimator come in to your home is the best way to get a correct valuation, hence a binding quote.

3. Not Obtaining Multiple Moving Quotes

If you don’t get an in-house estimate, then you should definitely get quotes from several Edmonton moving companies. It is a big market and you have the great opportunity to explore it, and see which company offers the best product at the price that fits your budget. You could be doing it online or over the phone, but whatever the method, obtaining multiple moving cost quotes is essential in order to get the best price.

4. Not Researching Edmonton Moving Companies

Researching your Edmonton movers may save you a lot of troubles later on.

Check if the moving company is licensed, insured and is a BBB accredited mover.

5. Choosing The Company With The Lowest Quote

One of the biggest mistakes is to go for the Edmonton moving company with the lowest quote. We can’t say it enough that this is number one method to get scammed. Only rogue Edmonton movers would offer 30 to 40 percent lower than the prices of other Edmonton movers. They want to get you on the hook, and then all of a sudden additional charges start piling up until in the end, the final bill comes in double the initial estimate. Besides the extra charges, such unreliable movers will hold your inventory hostage until the bill is paid.

6. Bypassing Items During The Estimate

Valuables such as documents, jewerly and money should be moved by you yourself.

Your moving quote will be based on the inventory list you provide. Thus, not disclosing things to the moving company will definitely bring the cost higher in the end. When an estimator comes to your home, be prepared to show them everything that your Edmonton movers have to pack and move. If you omit something, Edmonton movers can charge extra for items not listed on the inventory list.

7. Packing Poorly Day Before The Move

Packing requires some preparation and time, and this is probably the most common moving mistake. To ensure the safety of your goods, it’s practical to get professional packing materials and wrap fragile items carefully.

When packing by yourself, you should start at least two weeks prior to the move – don’t wait for the day before the event. Make sure you read some packing tips and info before packing by your own.

8. Failing To Understand Your Insurance Options

Insurance when moving is very important. Even more important is to understand your options and their coverage. All Edmonton moving companies offer basic limited liability free of charge, yet this is not insurance.

Either you can get additional insurance at an extra charge from your Edmonton moving company or you can consult your insurance agent.

9. Entrusting Irreplaceable Valuables In The hands Of The Movers

Any antiques or expensive inherited valuables should be kept with you. Do not ever leave these items in the hands of your Edmonton movers. If something gets lost or damaged, in most cases any type of insurance won’t cover the cost.

10. Not Understanding the Moving Paperwork

Being aware what you put your signature under is essential for your safe move. You should ask your Edmonton moving company for the paperwork several days in advance so you are aware of what to expect. Doing so will greatly increase your chance to avoid moving scams. Make sure you read the fine print and never sign blank paperwork.


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