Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Save on Moving Costs

Moving to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada is usually quite expensive, as it involves labor, moving vehicles, moving and packing materials etc.

How to Save on Moving Costs - Edmonton Movers
However there are some ways to cut moving costs and lower your moving expenses. In this blog post we will elaborate on a few proven ways that will help you save on your moving costs.

  • Work out a moving budget – Before you start doing anything, you have to determine the cost of your move and allocate the moving budget. This is the first and most important step. You should research how much approximately you will need to spend and how much you can actually afford to spend for your relocation.
  • Get rid of the excesses – We all have some junk collected over the years, and now is the time to rid ourselves of it. Keeping in mind your budget, consider all the stuff you do not use anymore and will most likely never will. You  can throw them away or donate them. Many non-profit organizations accept donations and you can also deduct that from your taxes. You can also organize a garage sale to earn some cash from selling stuff you no longer need.
  • Get binding estimates – Getting a moving estimate does not guarantee that the final bill will match the quoted price. Get a few Edmonton moving estimates, but always ask for a binding estimate. In most cases, you can get such only when an Edmonton moving company comes to do an in-house estimate. Only when a moving estimator sees all inventory intended for moving, they can give you a binding estimate. A binding estimate will help you stick to your budget.
  • Survey your home and make a detailed inventory – If you can’t get an in-house estimate, you better make a detailed inventory of your household. In order for the final moving cost to be as quoted in the beginning you have to do that.
  • Get your boxes and packing materials – One of the most expensive aspects in a moving is the packing and wrapping materials. By buying or renting your own moving supplies (or getting them for free online – search in your local Craigslist posts or local classifieds websites under “free stuff” section), you can reduce your moving cost greatly.
  • Pack by yourself, leave only the big furniture for the movers – Since you want to cut your moving costs to the minimum, pack as much as you can by yourself. By doing so you will greatly reduce the cost of packing supplies and your Edmonton movers labor and time that otherwise you would pay.
  • Check about long carry fees – Measure the distance between your home and the street and ask your Edmonton moving company about their long carry fee. They should explain beyond what distance is considered long carry and from what floor they count it as such.
  • Do you need extra insurance? – Haul items that are more valuable with you instead of paying for additional moving insurance because the basic liability usually never covers the actual value of the goods. Also, if you have bigger items you can’t take with you, ask your homeowners insurance if it covers the moving and transportation of your goods.
  • Wait to share truck with another customer – Often when you are moving long distance you may be offered a cheaper moving cost if you wait for the delivery. Waiting a little longer to share a truck with another customer will save you money.
  • Move in off peak season – Another great way to save on moving services is to choose to move in off peak season. This often means moving in the winter as most Edmonton moving companies lower their rates.


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