Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving In Off Peak Season

Moving in The Winter or Fall to or from Edmonton, AB

Moving to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada in a season different from summer has many advantages and could be a good choice.

The common thinking is that summer is the best time to move because it is warm and sunny, which are favorable factors for a relocation. To contradict that widespread general opinion, in this post we will cover a few of the most important reasons of why it is beneficial to move in off peak moving season.

Moving in Fall or Winter - Off Season Moving Edmonton
Appreciative lower moving cost

Moving cost is surely one the most important factors for most people planning to move. Once you start researching for a reliable Edmonton moving company, the moving rates will definitely play a role in whether you hire the company or not.

With most Canadians moving in the summer, it is the busiest season for the moving industry and it is common that moving costs will be higher. And if you are on a tight budget and flexible with your moving dates, you should spend some time looking around for an Edmonton moving company that fits your budget and moving requirements.

With the summer winding down, the moving costs go down as well. In the fall and early winter, moving companies can lower the rates as much as 30 percent.

Cooler weather saves Edmonton movers’ energy

Besides getting good savings, in off peak moving season you get cooler and fresher air that contributes to your Edmonton movers’ efficiency. We tend to think that the colder weather will obstruct us when moving in fall or winter. In fact, the cooler air contributes to saving the energy we accumulate and use. Thus, when your Edmonton movers arrive to start wrapping and packing and loading your items, they will focus their energy better to finish the move on time.

Greater choice of pickup and delivery dates

Next advantage of deciding to relocate in the fall or winter is that you get a bigger choice of moving dates. For most times you will get your desired pick up date even in the busy summer, yet the delivery date may be more difficult to choose. Since most Edmonton moving companies will not be that busy in the colder months, they will more likely be able to accommodate your moving needs.

Less busy roads contributing to safer and faster deliveries

Another important consideration for moving in the off peak season is the less busy roads. In the colder seasons, less people travel so the roads are less busy. Therefore, despite the common conception that the roads will be worse because of weather conditions, choosing to relocate in the fall or winter can be actually safer and faster.

More attention from your Edmonton moving company

Last, but not least by importance factor for choosing to move in the off season is the fact that you will get more attention from your Edmonton moving company.

What we mean by that is that you will get to work with less busy Edmonton movers who will have more time to work out a deal with you. After you book your local Edmonton or cross Canada move, you will get to deal with less pressed by deadline Edmonton movers, who most times will not be in a hurry to another move or too drained after a previous job.

Then you will be dealing with less busy dispatchers who will be available to answer more questions about your move and about your delivery dates. And what could be better than less stressful move?

Of course, make sure you are hiring licensed, insured and BBB accredited Edmonton movers to avoid problems when moving or with your final bill.


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