Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving into a New House

Life Changes When We Move

Moving is a big life changing step for most people. It is a change in the environment around us and often a big step in our life, whether moving locally in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada.

Since the day you decide that you are moving, until the last box is unloaded in your new house, the thought about moving to a new house never leaves you.

There are many aspects involved in the relocation process and many of us do not even realize that until the day of the move. Moving requires time and money, along with worries about the relocation process itself and about your new house.

You should find and hire a reliable Edmonton moving company, get a moving quote, set up the desired dates for moving etc. Moving cross-country in Canada can be even more distressing because the moving cost is higher and it requires more organization to prepare for your moving well.

First Day in Your New House - Edmonton Movers
The Day After Your Move

After all the effort the move took and all the money spent, the day after the move may seem like a breeze. Yes, but not quite.

Usually on your delivery day you will not be able to unpack much of your belongings because you will be quite overwhelmed, especially if it is after a long distance move to or from Edmonton, AB. Thus, the day after the move will be specifically dedicated to unpacking and rearranging all of your belongings. And you will need to get rid of all the boxes and plastic wrapping.

It is a good idea when you wake up in the morning to have a cup of coffee and take a walk in your new neighborhood. Walk around, talk to some local people about what is around and places to check out. Also, if you have kids, take them to nearby city park and let them play.

You can as well choose to run some of your first errands or just go find out where is the closest bank, post office, grocery store and pharmacy. Do not just Google those. Get familiar with your new town by walking the streets. Do some of that before you start unpacking and organizing your new home.

Finish Your Moving Checklist

Another thing you should do is checking your moving checklist (if you have one). If you did a cross-country long distance move, you should change your ID within your current province and you’ll have to visit the local Registry of Motor Vehicles. Also, make sure you move all the necessary services to the new locations near you.

Overwhelmed or Overexcited After The Move

You can choose whether to be one or the other. After moving to a new place either state could be quite unsettling.

There are some strategies to prevent these states and as mentioned above – you should start by getting away from chaos at your new home after the move. Human brain is used to order and habitual actions, thus when we move we disturb all that order and we can easily feel overwhelmed.

Therefore, to keep your sanity and to give you some piece of mind, you should try to maintain your schedule as much as possible, no matter how excited you are.

The day after the move is when we realize that we have to change even more than we thought, so being able to stay calm and organized is necessary. Think about how all the hard work is now done and this is a relief day.


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