Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving into High Rise Apartment Guide

Every relocation process is known with its complicity. There are some moves more difficult to organize and lots of specific cases like relocating with kids or moving with a pet. One more similar case – that is a very particular type of move – is moving into a high rise apartment building in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada. It is a bit more different than the other moves for a few specific factors that you should consider for your relocation. So here is our guide on how to move into high rise apartment. It will direct you with a few tips that will save you time, money and effort.

Edmonton Movers - Moving into High Rise Apartment Guide
How to Move into High Rise Apartment

Move less things. If you have lived in a house or a large apartment certainly now you will have to downsize. This is good in three ways. Firstly, when you have less stuff for relocation you will pay less for the moving itself. So walk around every room and premise in your current home and see what you can let go of. If you don’t want to do this think about using storage. You can keep your things there until your next move.

Secondly, if you have just a few boxes to carry up to your high rise you will do your move quicker because the workers will be done in shorter time.

And thirdly, with less luggage to relocate you can avoid the extra costs some moves apply. These are charges that may be for going up the stairs if the elevator is not available. Check with your landlord if you can reserve the elevator for the time when you are going to be moving in to your high rise condo. In this way you may be able to avoid this extra cost. If there is more than 1 elevator in your building you can ask to have one of the elevators reserved for a couple of hours.

Another possibility is for the landlord to be able to let you use the maintenance elevator – that is used by him and workers when there is some maintenance to be done in the building. You can also hire a luggage cart to save time and money. Load it up with boxes and you will have to go up an down when moving into your high rise apartment fewer times.

Get people to assist you. That will make your move into a high rise apartment even quicker and a bit more safer as you can watch over each other and help each other.

Taking things to more floors is more time consuming and more expensive. How to move furniture into a high rise is a tricky question. Besides reserving dollies and struggling with staircases you have one other much simpler option – call on the professional Edmonton movers. Get free quotes for moving from several different Edmonton moving companies (at least). That way you can compare prices and services offered by the movers. When you get your quote remember to ask what is included in it, what isn’t and what are the costs of the extra services that the Edmonton moving company offers. Most Edmonton movers are used to carrying heavy and large items up and down the stairs and elevators so they will do it quickly and professionally. For that purpose you need a trustworthy Edmonton moving company.

In order to find a reputable Edmonton mover you should check the company reviews and the BBB website. There are things Edmonton moving companies won’t tell you so you need to get the information yourself. Check on consumer reports Edmonton movers have about them and read reviews. Reading reviews can save you time, money and effort.

Also make sure that the furniture will fit through the door and into the rooms of your new home. Otherwise you might have paid for it to be transferred in vain. It is good to measure the size of furniture and have the size of your next home with the rooms in it. You will need for your penthouse apartment move or your moving into high rise to make a plan. Distribute the furniture you want to take to the different rooms, see what will fit and what will not and make sure to get rid of the things not to be taken enough time in advance before the moving day.

When relocating to a high rise condo there are a few more points to consider. Most buildings will allow you to have your pet in provided that some size restrictions are complied with but before move in check that. If you are intended on making some renovations make sure you are clear on what you are allowed to do and when. Some buildings allow renovations done only by licensed contractors and only during the working hours of the working week. Speak with the previous owner/ tenant of the apartment to inform yourself of issues that have not been solved yet (leaking roof, problems with plumbing, etc.) so you can also prepare in your budget the possible finances for that. Hopefully these tips will guide you better on how to move into a high rise apartment. Good luck with your moving!

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