Edmonton Moving Tips: Moving & Storage Guide

When you are moving in Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada often times you may have to use storage facilities as well. You may be moving to a smaller home or you may be relocating a studio apartment – either way a storage facility is helpful in lots of cases. Sometimes you may want to keep items that are important for you and when you can’t find room in your home for them the storage comes as a solution. Edmonton moving and storage services are very convenient.

Edmonton Movers - Moving & Storage Guide

Though, you need to know how to find the best price Edmonton moving and storage companies when relocating. This simple moving and storage guide will help you.

Best Price Edmonton Moving & Storage Companies

The moving and storage prices will differ in every relocation case. That is why for the purpose of an affordable relocation you need to get free long distance moving quotes or a local and long distance cost estimate. That should give you an approximate price for your moving.

After you get several quotes from several Edmonton moving and storage companies you need to request an in-home estimate. At this point you can show your home to the rep and not just tell him what you want to be moved but also point out what is for storage. This is the point at which if you haven’t done it yet you should begin to prepare your packing. It is good to start packing as soon as you know you are moving – whether you are packing items in storage or your belongings currently in your home.

Here are some moving and storage tips for your packing:

  • Depending on how many items you want to store and what size prepare enough packing materials. For that purpose you can rely on Edmonton moving companies.
  • Plan what size storage department you will need. If you can fit your belongings into a smaller one you can do so to save money.
  • Inside the storage see how you will arrange your things. Heavier boxes should go at the bottom and lighter ones – on top.
  • When placing boxes and your luggage in the storage leave some space between them and the walls so that the air can circulate freely inside. That will prevent mold.
  • If you have precious items like expensive collectibles you can ask for a storage that has temperature and moist control for sufficient protection.
  • Review your items – some of them may need to have some extra protection before being placed in a storage unit. For example it would be good to spray wooden furniture with some quality polish, fragile items should be covered in bubble wrap and packing paper, use leather conditioner for leather items and so on.

Moving and Storage Guide

In case you already have things in a storage you should request from your Edmonton moving company this service in the area of your new home. Then you can arrange to pack and move your stored luggage. Remember that you have the right to know about the types of moving quotes. That way you can discuss them with your Edmonton moving and storage company and choose the one that fits your requirements.

The best price Edmonton moving and storage companies offer reasonable prices for moving with them. Once you have estimates from several different companies it is time to compare them. Break down each estimate into services and for biggest accuracy compare the costs of services the different movers provide. Take your time to ruminate about the best option for you. Moving and storage cost estimates are a great start in your moving and planning. They can give you a direction in which to go in the search of the best moving and storage prices.


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