Edmonton Moving Tips: How to Avoid Moving Scams

Moving to or from Edmonton, AB or elsewhere in Canada can be a big change for many people. Thus, avoiding a potential moving scam and fraud has become a key concern for many people moving each year.

How to Avoid Moving Scams - Edmonton Movers

With the fierce competition in the moving business, some moving companies low-ball their moving quotes just to get the deal. Therefore, you should not be lured only by the lowest rates, but take into consideration some other factors. This is why we decided to cover the whole idea about avoiding moving scams and finding the best moving companies for your upcoming move, so you don’t get ripped off.

Where to Start When Looking for Professional Edmonton Movers?

Do some research about specifics about the Edmonton moving company you’ve decided to use to ensure you are not wasting your time and money by being scammed.

First of all, learn how to recognize rogue Edmonton movers. Most Edmonton moving companies are legitimate businesses, but in recent years, many complaints for scams have been received. Find several Edmonton moving companies and compare the rates and prices. That should give you a hint as to what to expect and is the offer you are getting a potential scam.

How to Avoid Moving Scams 

Here is how to prevent moving scams by researching and asking the right questions in advance:

  • Typical scammers usually give you a low moving estimate / price over the phone and promise to get the job done in a very short period of time, which makes you feel that you’ve got a bargain. This is one of the most popular moving scams to avoid. The good thing is that you can detect this immediately at your first interaction with the moving company which means you can recognize it right away, hang up the phone and move on to the next company.
  • Scammers usually may demand cash only payment or a large money deposit. Most scammers demand cash only. Usually a deposit would be about 10% to %20 – so beware of a possible scam scheme if the percentage in your case is significantly larger. If you pay by cash you cannot dispute the charges with your credit card company. In most cases the movers can’t be reached once your items are delivered.
  • Another red flag to look out for if Edmonton movers don’t have a website – a standard company asset in 21st century – or there is a site, but without any information about licensing or insurance. Ask your Edmonton mover about their licensing information. Do not deal with unlicensed Edmonton movers as there is a great change of becoming a victim of a scam scheme.
  • They also should give you a copy of your “Rights and Responsibilities” booklet required by Federal regulations. This booklet includes basic information you should be aware of.
  • Most of the reputable moving companies in Edmonton should have their own branded company trucks. Demand moving with a company owned vehicle and not a rental or unsigned vehicle.
  • Read moving reviews, ratings and consumer reports before booking. By reading other peoples’ testimonials and complaints online you will be prepared and know which company provides better moving services. By checking out some reviews you will also know what unfortunate scamming situations other people have been to and how you can beware and be careful for these not to happen to you. It is also a good idea to deal with BBB certified Edmonton movers.

Red Flags when Choosing a Mover

Here are some tips to look for when selecting a reliable moving company in Edmonton. These are some of the things that most companies specializing in moving scams often do:

  • When you call the mover, the telephone is answered with a generic “Movers” or “Moving company”, rather than the actual company name.
  • The movers demand cash or a large deposit before the move.
  • On a moving day, a rental truck (usually a Ryder, Penske or a Budget truck) arrives rather than a company-owned and marked fleet truck. Note that sometimes even the large reputable companies hire rental trucks, but this usually is only occasional, in the busy summer months.
  • The moving company website does not offer information about licensing or insurance, as this is of the most obvious signs for a potential scam you can easily spot.
  • They have only good reviews (most likely written by their own employees) or only bad reviews (written by dissatisfied customers).
  • You are asked to sign blank pages in your Bill of Lading on the moving day – legitimate Edmonton movers would never ask you to sign blank pages.
  • You are being denied a full value protection plan for your expensive items. Professional local and cross country Edmonton moving companies should offer you multiple insurance options for your load.


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