Disposing the Unwanted Items Before Move Date

When people start preparing for moving, they quite often find items that they will no longer need once they move to their new home. Such items may include old toys, unused furniture, and even a TV set.

On the same note, you may even want to consider putting hold on your household goods shopping trips – a few weeks – prior to your move date. This approach will not only simplify your move, it will also give you a better idea on what to purchase after settling in the new house.

Disposing Unwanted Items - Moving Tips Edmonton Canada
Here are some tips that will help you get rid of some unwanted items that you are NOT looking to move with you to the new place:

“Bribe Your Friends”

Moving requires additional set of hands for packing and this is where your friends will be of the high value. Many packing companies do provide packing services, but if you are trying to save some money by doing the packing yourself, you may want to give some close friends a call.

If there are some items that can be used by your friends then give them a call.  They may return the favor by lending a pair of extra hands in packing and preparation.

Start Selling

Selling used household items can be challenging but it’s not totally an impossible task, if planned and executed properly. Selling the unwanted used items must take place way in advance to make sure you are able to come up with a second plan if all the items are not sold before the move date. Starting a Garage Sale, posting on Craigslist and other classified ads websites are some of the approaches one can take when selling used and unwanted items.

Making extra cash is always nice, and selling the extra items that you don’t need before the move will decrease the amount of items and goods you planning on moving with.

Give it to Charity

You can always find charity organizations in your area that are willing to take your unwanted items. Notify these organizations a week or two before your moving date and tell them what items you’d like to donate. In most cases, such organizations will send some of their volunteers to collect the items that you are not looking to move to your new place. It’s a great opportunity to help your community by giving something back, and it will also lift some burden off your shoulders and save you money. In fact, it will lower the cost of your move.

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